Bell Game Information – It's All Right Here

Watch It In Person (Best)Click here for all the information on tickets.  DePauw is completely sold out and we’re close.  Do not wait – there are no excuses.

Watch It In Hi-Def. (Better).  HD Net is carrying the game in high definition.  There are two options here.

1.  Attend a Monon Bell Telecast Party.   There are almost 60 sites around the United States where you can watch the game in HD on HDNet with other Wabash fans…  Here’s the map complete with each location’s information.

2.  Watch it on HDNet at home.  HDNet is a part of the HD packages for both DIRECTV and dish network.   On DIRECTV the channels are 79 and 306.  On dish network the channels are 362 and 9422.  Others may also offer the telecast, depending on your location.  To find out if you can get the game at home, click here.

Listen To The Broadcast (Good.)  Click here to get the information on listening to the game.  Note:  In C’ville you can listen to 91.3.

Monon Bell Stag – Don't Miss It!

Every year, on the Thursday evening before the Biggest game in college football, the men of Wabash and DePauw get together and roast each other at the Monon Bell Stag.

Roast is probably a kind word.

We take a brief time out to honor an alumnus of each school who personifies the Spirit of the Monon Bell – this year Wabash’s award winner is Jon Pactor ’71, a local Indianapolis attorney.

Then it’s back to roasting.

Don’t miss this year’s event – it promises to be a one for the ages.  Hall of Famer Jake Knott ’03 is the Wabash roaster while Indiana business personality Gerry Dick, father of DePauw’s quarterback, will be their roaster.

Wabash President Pat White will be joined this year by DePauw’s President Brian Casey which means the Depauw guys will be out in force.

To make a reservation, simply call the Wabash alumni office at 765-361-6360 before November 5, 2009. 


Top photo – the 2008 Stag
Photo at right – The Spirit of the Monon Bell Award


Sign of the Times – Another Fall Photo

You’ve seen a lot of pictures on our web site of the fall foliage here on campus.  They show a campus exploding with fall color…you can almost smell the leaves burning.

I thought I’d mix it up a bit and show you another photo of this fall.  That’s right, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer.  No good office caught without them.

The goal is simple – to keep as many members of the Wabash community as healthy as possible. Funny, even an old crusty fighter pilot we keep around here has been seen using the germ-X stuff.

This flu though, it’s no laughing matter.

Stay healthy!

Wabash and Wooster

Tough to see, I know.  That’s the Wooster band coming down the hill before the start of Saturday’s game.  

Yes, I like the band a lot and the bagpipes are special, no doubt.  But this is a Wabash blog, right?

There are several Wabash connections to Wooster:
Dr. Scott Douglas ’84 – his daughter attends Wooster and plays in the band.
Michael Lambert ’80 – he was proudly wearing his Wabash sweatshirt at the game.  It was Wooster’s Parent’s Weekend.  His son is a freshman there.
Dr. John Roberts ’83 – his son is a Wooster student. 
Coach Mac Petty – Wooster is his home town.
Dwight and Jamie Watson – their son Evan is a Wooster graduate and was an outstanding defensive end for the Scots.

So, there’s a Wabash connection here…and, did I mention, I like their band? 

Wooster and Ohio Wesleyan – Almost As Good As Being There.


Can’t be at Wooster for football?  Can be at Mud Hollow for Wabash Soccer?  No worries – we have the next best thing!

For soccer, you can get live stats right here.  

In addition to our own coverage ( you can also get the football game via the Wooster telecast.  Here’s the information form the Wooster web site.

"On the Air: Wooster’s football games can be heard live each week in the Wooster area on WKVX 960 AM or anywhere in the world by following links on the radio station’s Web site at

Also, the audio and video from local cable provider Clear Picture, Inc., will be broadcast live over the Web at no charge to the viewer at, thanks to an agreement with Clear Picture and a donation from the “W” Association, the school’s alumni organization which supports athletics."


Off to Wooster

Off to Wooster in a couple of hours.  Wooster is always a great place for football and all things football. The Wooster family is a great group, they have  a super campus, and you have to love the band!  But of course, the Bagpipes are what makes the band special.

Bill Starr ’37 told me many years ago we ought to get the Wooster band to make the trip to Crawfordsville and be the half time show whenever we play Wooster in Hollett Stadium.  I am still not quite there, but I look forward to the trip to Wooster and the chance to see those guys come over the hill.  If you haven’t been there, make the trip!

Of course, the best part of it all is the football.  And there, as much as I like Wooster, I LOVE Wabash.  I expect us to win convincingly.

Your Vote Counts – Voting Update!

Wabash College wants you to vote.  That’s right, you are in the driver’s seat as our alumni pick the next Wabash College personalized license plate for Indiana.  Vote and you determine the outcome – don’t vote and someone else does.  

Pretty simple.

The design above is one of four the college has designed – you can vote now right here.   

Here’s where we stand with over 1,100 votes in the first 24 hours:

Wally Wabash has surprised me, holding a strong second place.  The Chapel logo has surprised me as well as I thought there might be a lot of votes for it.

There’s still time for your vote to count. 

Coach Zach Raber's Team in the News

Coach Zach Raber, Wabash Class of 1998, has the Ft. Wayne Carroll High School Girls Cross Country team posting some impressive performances.  In fact, WANE in Fort Wayne, Indiana named Zach’s team their team of the week this past week.

The cross country team just finished as regional champs – their ninth in a row!

To see the story and watch the video, click here.

Good luck Zach at Semi-State this weekend! 


Check Your Mailbox! The Men of 2013

In your mailbox is a letter – President White’s photo is on the cover.

That letter talks of Wabash in the Fall of 2009 and introduces you to the Class of 2013. 

Sure, you’ll see several from Indianapolis, Indiana…always have and always will.  But you’ll also see: Chatsworth, CA; Owasso, OK; Nanjing, China; Tucson, AZ; Flossmoor, IL; Hanoi, Vietnam; Kathmandu, India; Cedar Hills, TX; Madison, WI; Nairobi, Kenya; Dhaka, Bangladesh; and even that far away place called Crawfordsville, Indiana!  

They WERE 250 young men on a journey – they are now 250 Wabash men on a journey.

Their world is substantially different than ours…but one thing remains the same.  The education – it will be worth it!

Photos:  Top and bottom of the letter.  Yes, I purposely left the names out of focus so you would look the letter over and, if so inclined, support these young men with a gift to our Wabash.  


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