Watch It In Person (Best)Click here for all the information on tickets.  DePauw is completely sold out and we’re close.  Do not wait – there are no excuses.

Watch It In Hi-Def. (Better).  HD Net is carrying the game in high definition.  There are two options here.

1.  Attend a Monon Bell Telecast Party.   There are almost 60 sites around the United States where you can watch the game in HD on HDNet with other Wabash fans…  Here’s the map complete with each location’s information.

2.  Watch it on HDNet at home.  HDNet is a part of the HD packages for both DIRECTV and dish network.   On DIRECTV the channels are 79 and 306.  On dish network the channels are 362 and 9422.  Others may also offer the telecast, depending on your location.  To find out if you can get the game at home, click here.

Listen To The Broadcast (Good.)  Click here to get the information on listening to the game.  Note:  In C’ville you can listen to 91.3.