This Almost Sounds Like A Homily!!!

First of all, Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. (At last count, I think this blog had 7 faithful readers!)

Second of all, The Holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year, especially for those of us who proudly wear the title of grandparent. You can see the goodness of the world and the blessings we have by looking into the eyes of your grandchildren. Don’t miss it! Makes me wonder why we didn’t have them first!

Third, The future of our world will largely be shaped by young people just like our guys right here. We have a lot to be thankful for – our Wabash continues to do an outstanding job of preparing these guys to play leaderships roles – they make the world better each day. I want a strong Wabash for my grandsons and I know you do as well. Please, as you think about the gifts you make this Season that truly make a difference, put Wabash at or near the top. Your gift, regardless of the amount, will make a difference. Click here to make Wabash stronger. Be gutsy and also ask a pledge brother/fellow independent man to join you.

Finally, the Grunge Report will be temporarily suspended from now until late in January. The Grunge will be in for some unscheduled medical maintenance – you flyers know what I mean. Right now we’re looking at a scheduled return takeoff for 0700L (0200Z), 22 January 2007, if not before. All prayers gratefully accepted!

Happy Holidays!

Steve Webb and Bob Dylan – What?

Wabash Religion Professor Steve Webb ’83 (red shirt, short hair), a student favorite, was recently featured in one of the local papers, the Journal Review, with a think piece about the political persuasions of Bob Dylan (red sticker, long hair, photo).

Very interesting….

For the full story, click here.

I Love To See The Good Guys Do Well! Update!

Above: Jim Davlin ’85 with his family at his 20th reunion at Wabash.

News: Jim will be moving to John Deere after the first of the year to serve as Vice President and Treasurer!

Need to Know: Jim and his family will still be close and early indications are the Fire Truck will remain red (not green) and in Indiana.

Congrats Jim Davlin – You’re Some Little Giant!

Jim Amidon '87 – He's Always There!

The man behind the camera is our own Jim Amidon ’87. I might be tempted to tell you it’s just another basketball game..but it isn’t.

For Jim, it’s another opportunity to highlight Coach Mac Petty’s Little Giants to you and to give you the feeling, through pictures and words, just how the game went on Chadwick Court.

Jim is a pro in every sense and he’s been doing this for a long time. But he is always excited about catching just the right shot, telling just the right story…

We’re lucky to have him, for sure!

The Wabash Community

We’re in the time of year where excitement and optimism, primarily from our children and grandchildren, fuel good feelings of family and friends. Virtually every faith is also approaching a time of the year for celebration. The Holiday Season, regardless of everything else, is a time that brings unbelievable joy and happiness to families and communities.

For some of our family and community members, those emotions can be rocked to the very center as a family struggles with major challenges. I just heard of another one this morning. I talked to a mother of one of our younger alumni this morning and she told me she has cancer. She faces a big challenge but shes’s very positive and optimistic. I found a lot of inspiration from her!

So, Wabash family. As you prepare for a great Holiday Season, please take a minute or two to think about those among us who face challenges at this time of year. And, if it is your custom, remember them in your prayers. I guarantee that you will feel good and you’ll be helping someone special to all of us!

Happy Holidays!

Who Opened the Door For You?

Joe Klen ’97, our director of the Annual Fund, developed a theme for this year’s efforts of Opening Doors. Your annual fund gift this year, and every year, opens the doors of opportunity at Wabash and beyond. I’ll bet everyone of us has a story about someone making Wabash affordable/attainable for them. I do. I would never have graduated if someone wouldn’t have helped me…

This year the Annual Fund callers have been writing the names of all the donors through the phone room’s operation on a big, white door. As you can probably tell, there’s a pretty good list of alumni, family and friends on the door. As you probably can’t tell, there’s room for many, many more names.

Those of you who scan the bog probably have made a gift already. If you haven’t please do. There are 860-ish young men here and every one will benefit.

For all of you, do me one simple favor. Pick up the phone and call one or two classmates, fraternity brothers, teammates, etc. Ask them to open a door. Participation is the key. Together, we can open a lot of doors. Anyone can make a gift on line at

Thanks a bunch!


Mark McNeely '69 Joins Board of Governors

We just heard that attorney Mark McNeely, Wabash Class of 1969, has joined the Board of Governors of the Indiana State Bar Association.

Mark has practiced law in Shelby County for 33 years.

As if that isn’t enough, Mark was also recently awarded Honorary Doctorate of Humanities at Saint Paul Christian University.

Well done Mark!

We Lost Bill Cassel '33

Jean Cassel let us know Monday that her husband Bill, class agent for the Wabash Class of 1933, had passed away. Bill had been sick for an extended period.

Bill was Class of 1933….think about that. He graduated from Wabash College before the guys from the Class of 1957, who we will welcome back for their 50th reunion in June, were born!!!

Imagine how much our Wabash has changed in Bill and Jean’s time.

Keep Jean and the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Bill Meeker '73 Named College President

Wabash graduate William Meeker has been named president of Palmer College of Chiropractic’s West Campus in San Jose, Calif., effective January 3, 2007.

“Dr. Meeker is both a colleague and a very good friend,” said Dr. Martin, stepping down as the president. “I’m honored to be able to hand over the reins to him as he leads the West Campus forward. I think it’s a mark of maturity that one of the West Campus’ own will now serve as its president.”

Bill graduated from Wabash in 1973 and from Palmer’s West Campus in 1982.

For the entire article, click here.

Tom Broecker '84 Rocking the TV World

You probably know Wabash graduate Tom Broecker ’84 as the costume designer for Saturday Night Live. In fact, he’s done that for several years.

Tom’s making a big move and taking on the same job with the new NBC series "30 Rock" and he’ll be in front of and behind the camera. Behind the scenes he’ll design costumes. In front of the camera, he’ll play a …you guessed it…a costume designer!

Sound interesting? Read more here.