Happy Thanksgiving!

Somewhere on the drive to the new Indy airport, I made the transition from
“Grunge” to “GaBunge”…feels good.

Sitting in my son’s living room in C Springs…body still on Indy time – no one else up yet. Time to think.

It would be easy to have the “Mo-Zam-Beak” (fighter talk for “not the happiest”) about this fall. A boatload of the news, from worldwide to U.S. to Wabash, has not been good.


We are where we are and it is what it is. As much as we may not like this fall’s “history”, it’s in the books. We have the chance to make the next day’s history…and the one after that. I’m thankful for that.

I am thankful for a great family and for our freedom. I am thankful for 906 bright and talented young Wabash men. They’re world changers. They’ll “get-r-done”.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: beginning of a new day at Wabash.

Sherry and Gary Ross – Model fans

That’s Sherry and Gary Ross at Case Western last Saturday. As you can see they are Wabash through and through. Every time I looked over at our fans, I could see those banners out and could hear them cheering the Little Giants on to victory.

That’s Jacob Pactor ’04 (New York City) sitting behind them with his near-frozen Dad, Jon, Class of 1971. Duane Hile ’67 (Cleveland) to Gary’s left. Duane’s company supplied the banners.

Why I Love Div. III Football

Case and Wabash battled all day long. In many of my photos when the Little Giants were on offense one guy in blue kept showing up in all the wrong places. That’s Case defensive end Brian Calderone. 

Calderone, #97, is a senior playing his last game.

Brian and Matt Hudson talked at the end of the game. Two young men who love playing football – two young men who will go on to do some great things in our world. Kudos to both for a great game…and a bright future.

Practice at Case Western

That’s your Little Giants practicing on the Case Western field early this evening. Snowing harder now…expecting 3-6 inches tonight until about 4:00 AM.

Oh, did I mention the wind is blowing pretty hard as well?

Stay tuned for details… 

Round Ball This Weekend

The Little Giant basketball team kicks off their season this weekend with two games. †Friday evening the Little Giants face Wilmington and Saturday they’ll face either Franklin or DePauw.

The roster includes seniors Mark Turpin and Brian Maloney and no less than nine freshmen!

Come out and cheer the Little Giants on to a couple of victories to get the season started off in the right direction.†

College Rivalries

My friend Rick Cavanaugh ’76 sent this article to me. Rick wants to move to the mountains of Colorado and spend a lot of vacation time in Steamboat Springs. Grunge has his eye set on Colorado as well rotating between Colorado Springs and Estes Park.

Rick – we could get together in Estes Park for the Bell Game each year!

Here’s the link – enjoy!

(Photo from happier times…)

Bob Charles '59 – A Leader in Many Fields

At the National Philanthropy Luncheon in Colorado recently our alumnus Bob Charles, Class of 1959, was honored as the outstanding volunteer fundraiser for the year.  Bob, as many of you will recall, was also honored at Wabash’s Homecoming last year with an Alumni Award of Merit.  

Bob’s one of those guys who really took to heart the challenge to make a difference in this world.  He’s a powerful force in community restoration.  He’s also a huge force in teaching college students to be responsible citizens.

Bob Charles – Some Little Giant!  



Head Coach Greg Dean '03

Greg Dean, Class of 2003, has been named the new head basketball coach at Seeger High School. Greg was the former coach at Wes-Del High School near Muncie, Indiana.

Congratulations Greg!

(Information courtesy of my good friend Mark Dill ’75)

Herb Heneman '66 – Lifetime Award…In Many Ways

That’s Herb Heneman ’66. Herb recent received a lifetime achievement award for his research in Human Resources. That alone is news. However, for this alumnus, “lifetime” takes on a whole new meaning.

As is the way with many stories, there’s a little background that is interesting, to say the least. To find out more, click here.

Herb Heneman – you’re Some Little Giant!

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