Fall at Wabash

It was an easy decision. Push papers around the desk or take a quick walk around campus on a beautiful fall day…with the camera. Easy decision. Almost as good as flying on a day like…well…OK…not even close.

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A Great Campus Tour Video

That’s pre-med Jake Ezell ’11 from Indianapolis on the left. †That’s pre-law Jake German ’11 from Crawfordsville on the right. †They are the stars of the College’s newest campus tour video. †I think they did a great job and I know you will as well, once you see it.

Make sure you share the video with students you know are interested in Wabash – and don’t forget to refer them to the College (for the on-line referral form, click here).

For the campus tour video, click here.

Monon Bell Tickets – Better Get Them Quick

OK…this is really simple.

Wabash is 7-0 and DePauw is 5-2…both have good teams…but we all know that the records don’t count.

Wabash leads the series…but we all know that doesn’t count.

Wabash is ranked pretty high this year…but we all know that doesn’t count.

So, it is really simple…you need to be here!

Don’t make the trip plans without first making sure you have the game tickets. (Not that this ever happened :-))

To get the tickets in person, show up at the Wabash Bookstore.  This Saturday is a good time – and watch Wabash battle Oberlin for at least a share in the fourth consecutive conference title.

To order over the phone, call the Wabash Bookstore at 765-361-6271.

To get the tickets on-line, click here.

No excuses…don’t be left out!

Wabash on Linkedin

Every week, the Alumni and Parent Relations Office receives this sort of update. It’s a report on the new linkages between members of the two Wabash groups administered by our office.

Wabash’s two groups are for alumni in general and for Wabash lawyers. Yes, you can belong to both. Membership open to all Wabash alumni, parents, and friends.

If you look closely, there are new links between members of our career services team, lawyers across the nation, businessmen from Seattle, Washington, to Washington, DC., and more.

Linkedin is free and easy to use and can be a powerful resource if you’re looking to connect with old Wabash friends, find new business contacts, or get some specialized help in a specific region of the country. Join the almost 1,000 Wabash alumni, parents, and friends today by clicking here.

Jimmy Haffner – Some Little Giant

I am pretty sure that you’ll see Jimmy Haffner‘s picture if you look up Wabash College Spirit in your Funk and Wagnalls.

Jimmy, the son of Kitty and Herm Haffner ’77, is a huge Wabash fan. You’ll see him at every home football game and many away games as he helps the football coaching staff as a volunteer manager. Jimmy also attends many other Little Giant sporting events. There may be Wabash fans with as much spirit as Jimmy, but mark my word, there aren’t any with more!

Jimmy Haffner – Some Little Giant.

Another Episode of "It's a Small Wabash World"

This report in from Greg Castanias ’87 (pictured here), a member of the Wabash alumni board.

“Last night, I had dinner with Frederick Whitmer ’69 here in Manhattan. I had never met Frederick in person until last night, but we have carried on a sporadic e-mail “conversation” over the last year and a half, ever since I learned about Frederick and his new book, Litigation is War, which was covered in the Grunge Report in June 2007. After I read the Grunge Report entry, I e-mailed him to introduce myself to him and congratulate him on the book, which I promptly ordered and then devoured. (I was writing my own book at the time, for the same publisher, so I was also able to learn from his experiences there as well.) Litigation is War is an amazing book — it’s a guide to litigation strategy based on Clausewitz’s On War — and it is the work of a Wabash man through and through: Frederick has taken his interest in German history, his vast knowledge of and experience with litigation tactics, and brought them together. And he did so in a way that provides greater insights into both Clausewitz and the practice of law. I keep it on my desk.

So last night, we met up at Bobby Flay’s place here in Manhattan, Mesa Grill, and despite the fact that we had never met in person, it was like two old friends catching up. In particular, we talked a lot about the influence that Professor Barnes had on both of us (J.J. and Patience — “a woman named by God himself,” said Frederick — were mentors to Frederick when he was at Wabash; Professor Barnes was my very first Wabash professor — he taught a Freshman Tutorial called “The Historian as Detective,” which introduced me to the toolkit used by historians). Our careers have taken us in parallel paths — he, a History major, and I, an English and Philosophy major, both find ourselves litigating highly technical intellectual property cases. We both were sufficiently inspired by our Wabash professors that we are teachers and authors in our profession; even though both of us came close to taking a purely academic route out of Wabash, neither of us ultimately did. It was a great dinner and an even better conversation — Frederick was supposed to be on a 9:05 train to DC, but when faced with the possibility of desert, a third martini, and some more conversation, he decided — and I quickly agreed — that he could take the 10:05 train. We toasted the fame of her honored name, and the honors won by each loyal son, and three hours and three martinis after dinner began, I was pleased to say that I have a new old friend, and he’s Some Little Giant.”

New Campus Monument

So…this might be as close to a scope as the Grunge Report will get…a new “Monument” on campus and these pictures were taken when it was just being “unwrapped”.

You can read the text in the photo at the bottom.

The stone sits near Caleb Mills House, Hovey Cottage, and Forest Hall.

Legal disclaimer: at no point during the taking of photographs did the photographer move, shift, or otherwise alter the cardboard placed on/near the stone.

Hammer Awards – Wonder Who Wins?

During a break in the action last week at Wittenberg, I took this shot of the hammer awards the football team has.

The awards are given weekly, I believe, to the best “hits” on offense, defense, and special teams. The Wittenberg game featured some great hitting by both teams – easily the most physical game I’ve seen this year. Whoever wins the award this week probably felt it Sunday morning.

Big Game this coming Saturday with Wooster in town – hope to see many of you there.

Jake Gilbert '93

It was one of those days when the offense just didn’t get the gears meshed.  Jake Gilbert ’93, the defensive coordinator for the Little Giants, kept the defense focused all day long. He encouraged the “D” to help the offense by getting off the field and giving the “O” more opportunities. All positive, nothing negative.

When it was finally over…well…Jake was a pretty happy guy!

That’s an enthusiastic Jake Gilbert airborn!

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