Around Dansville – Bill Cook '66 and Eric Huynh '07

Received the following email from Bill Cook ’66 this morning about the new Book "Around Dansville".

"It is a book of historical photos and captions. The authors are myself and Eric Huynh (Wabash ’07). I had done a similar book and when asked to do this one, I looked for a co-author and thought immediately of Eric, who is majoring in history at Wabash. Eric did most of the selecting of photos, all the scanning, and most of the layout. In fact, we did the layout on Jeremy Hartnett’s dining room in Crawfordsville.

If you go to and put "cook huynh dansville" as keywords, the book will appear. The blurb mentions that Eric is a senior History Major at Wabash. I did want to let you know that there is a published author in the Wabash class of 2007."

Thanks and congratulations to Bill and Eric!

Nnamdi Nwosa '04 – New York Broker

At the Bohemian Beer Garden the other evening I had a chance to briefly chat with Nnamdi Nwosa ’04. Nnamdi returned to New York City after graduation and is now a broker with Perrin, Holden & Davenport Capital Corporation. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Nnamdi will be very successful – his smile alone will take him far!

Many thanks to AJ Lindeman ’91 and Kurt Ramig ’67 for making these informal get-togethers so much fun!

Chris Gross '64 – National Champion

While attending the New York Association get- together at the Bohemian Hall in Astoria last night, I had the chance to chat with Chris Gross ’64. Chris is an environmental specialist for KeySpan Energy in Centerpoint, NY.

As it turns out, Chris had raced a Mini Cooper S after Wabash and been national champion in 1971. He recently returned to sports car racing (vintage division). He said the difference is that in vintage racing you are not supposed to care who wins!

As we chatted, I discovered we had more in common than a love of sports cars. Chris and I had worked at the same gas station while we were students. For Chris it was "Jake’s Gulf" and for me it was "Buck’s Gulf". Same station, same job, same pay!

Chris was nice enough to give me a ride back to my hotel in…what else? A new Mini Cooper S.

Rob Zamora '05 – Also Serving

Andrew McGlothlen ’05, class agent for his class, sends the following report on a classmate:

"Given some of your blog topics, I thought you’d be interested to know that Rob Zamora ’05, a TKE and pledge brother of mine, recently shipped out and is in the Middle East serving in the Army through the end of 2006."

Rob-keep your head down and your speed up!


From Wes Ket ’03:

"I flew the flag over the fire station at my last base in Iraq. It is known as Forward Operating Base (FOB) Q-West in Northern Iraq. I believe the correct name is Qayarrah West, but everyone refers to it as Q-West. I recently moved from Q-West to Camp Liberty in Baghdad.

I am a 2nd Lieutenant in the Medical Service Corps. My official title is Field Medical Assistant, but it is more commonly referred to as Medical Platoon Leader. Basically, I manage the medical section in my unit. My unit is a field artillery battalion with the Fourth Infantry Division (4ID) out of Fort Hood Texas.

I was just trying to do my part in spreading the fame of her honored name.


Wes – you’re doing much more than your part for our Country and our College!

Alumnus and Students – Changing The World

Imagine this scenario. You live in a small rural community in southern Indiana but decide to spend a weekend in Chicago. Unfortunately, you’re involved in a serious car accident and you’re rushed to a Chicago hospital. In today’s world, the ER staff doesn’t know you or your medical history. Valuable time could be lost as the ER team ascertains your history along with your medical condition.

Alumnus Dr. Todd Rowland ’85 and Wabash interns Austin Shurtz ’08 and Jason Siegel ’08 are working on the solution – Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Our students, under Todd’s direction, are developing and field testing EMRs this summer. Austin and Jason have developed templates the doctors simply fill in during a visit. These templates become a part of the patient’s medical record and can be safely shared, electronically, almost instantaneously. So that Chicago emergency room could have the opportunity to review your medical record before you even arrive.

Todd, Austin, and Jason are changing our world for the better. Cool. Very cool indeed.

Photo (courtesy of Howard Hewitt); Austin Shurtz ’08, Jason Siegel ’08, Dr. Todd Rowland ’85

Wow – These guys are good!

I accompanied Howard Hewitt (Blog Link) on the visit to see Pat East ’00 and Ben Esbaum ’07 working together at Hanapin Marketing in Bloomington, Indiana. As we left after the visit, I couldn’t help but think of these guys just like the PGA tour ad – These Guys Are Good!

Pat’s savy and creative way beyond his years and Ben is performing like a full time employee and "comfortable" with his role and responsibility. †In fact,it appears that when Ben returns to Wabash for his final year, Pat will replace him with a full time employee.

This is one of the neatest parts of our work and why the liberal arts education is so, so valuable. Our English major graduate set up and now runs a very successful, growing technology and marketing company and our soccer-playing, just-off-an-immersion trip Econ major senior quickly adapted to a set of tasks completely different than he thought.

Gotta’ make you proud – it certainly does me.

Fall Is Rapidly Approaching

Even as the temperatures and humidity zoom out of sight in Central Indiana, fall and the start of school looms right around the corner. New President, Dean of the Faculty, CFO…Football…270-ish new freshmen… Homecoming…40th anniversary of soccer at Wabash… Athletics Hall of Fame…home Monon Bell Game…all are on the horizon.

So is the move into the new Phi Gam house. In fact, when the Phi Gams return to campus they’ll move into the new house and the Phi Psis will set up temporarily in the old Phi Gam house.

Jim Riddle ’86 is the architect of the new Phi Gam house and he’s thought of everything, including the already complete installation of the plaque for the rededication.

It’s going to be a great year!

Todd Rokita '92 To Lead National Association

Todd Rokita ‘92, who currently serves as Treasurer for the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), is slated to begin his term as President of the organization in 2007.

"We are fortunate to have a national leader like Secretary Rokita take the helm of our organization throughout the 2008 presidential†† election," said Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson. "I am pleased to have Kentucky’s friend and neighbor, Todd Rokita, bring his progressive and forward-thinking reforms to the top of our national association."

This week, Secretary of State Rokita is meeting with fellow secretaries of state from around the country at their national association’s summer conference in Santa Fe, NM.

Chris Carr '82 Headed to China With US Team

Dr. Chris Carr ’82, Sports Psychologist with Methodist Sports Medicine Center, is headed to Changshu, China with the USA Diving Team for the 2006 World Cup. The diving competition will span July 19th through the 23rd.

This World Cup will involve more than 300 divers from 30 countries and in many ways sets the stage for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Chris is an expert in Sport and Performance Psychology and has a list of clients that includes professional teams and many Division I programs.