From the hills of Maine…

Many thanks to Jacob Pactor ’04 for this entry…

The Pactor clan spent a few days recently in one of my favorite vacation spots, Bar Harbor, Maine.

That’s Jon Pactor ’71 on the left and Jacob on the right.  Sandwiched between them is Ed Hibshman ’84, a teacher at Memorial High School in Elkhart, Indiana.  Ed and his class drove from Elkhart to Maine to study marine life in the field.  That little trip is 1,200 miles. 

The close up shows Ed with some of the marine life "stuff" and Jacob and Jon decked out in Wabash gear.



Batter Up!

"If you build it, they will come."  

Sure, that was the voice talking to Kevin Costner and not our Admissions team, but this is the site of one of our three fields of dreams.  We’ll move the "lumber" to the dugout and "even the playing field", but this will be it.

Can’t wait to see it complete and see our guys playing here.


The Arboretum – A Model of Life and Wabash College

Earlier this week strong thunderstorms ripped through C’ville.  Nancy Doemel had a tree land on her deck.  A locally-owned Kia, near the corner of Grant and Wabash, received an overnight convertible mod thanks to another tree.  There were trees and countless limbs down all over town and the Arboretum was a mess.

Early the next morning our Campus Services team was busy – the Arboretum sounded like a beehive with all the chainsaws going.  

That got me to thinking…

Someone, at some point, with all the greatest intentions in mind, might say to themselves and others: "Just cut that all down – it will be much easier to manage."

But that wouldn’t be right – for a total boatload of reasons.  You see, the Arboretum is a Wabash landmark and a lot more.  It is a model of life…and of the soul of Wabash College.  On its best days, there’s simply no place more beautiful.  Some equally beautiful, but none more so.  The Arboretum can wrap its arms around a person and quickly reassure them them that their world is OK.

On it’s worst days, it can be a mess.  Trashed.  Tough to navigate.  But to most of us, that merely echos the challenges of everyday life.  Because we know the beauty is in there hiding…just waiting for us to rediscover it after clearing the "trash" away.

And that brings me to the end of the fiscal year. 

The end of the college’s fiscal year is June 30, 2010.  I am willing to bet that the 9 faithful readers of the blog are donors to Wabash.  Many thanks to you!  But here’s a favor I’m asking.

Go to your class Honor Roll – you can find it here.  Make sure your name is on there for this year.  Is it? Great.  Now, examine the list for a classmate/pledge brother/teammate who is a good friend but isn’t listed.  Give him a buzz.  Ask him to join you. Tell him it’s easy and give him this link: (  Tell him that any gift makes a difference.

Fire me an email – I’d like to hear from you if you took me up on the challenge.  (

The Arboretum isn’t what it is because of a few giant trees.  It is what it is because it’s made up of all different kinds, sizes, and shapes of trees.  The collective nature of the Arboretum is its power, beauty, and timeless nature.  Just like our Alma Mater.

Summer in Indiana

Summer in Indiana.  Yesterday was one of those typical Indiana summer days – one reserved for July and August, NOT June.  Low 90s with plenty of humidity.  Only one thing to do after work – get outside and mow!

It wasn’t until I got home last night that I noticed the way the leaves in the tree on the right seem to part just so the view of the Chapel was not obstructed.  Wish I could take credit for that…

A Grunge note:  Headed for Door County next week with entire Runge crew…opp. for plenty of "spoilage". Unsure of internet connection…Grunge will be in full GaBunge mode!


That’s the door to Coach Raeburn’s office in the Allen Athletics Center.  As you can see, his focus is clearly on the upcoming season and in particular the Wooster game.  Every picture, save one, I think, is of the last Wabash-Wooster game.

Bottom picture might be a story-teller.  Once challenge is replacing those big guys up front.

Summer In Indiana

It sounded like a great airshow last night at my house…the thunder just kept on coming.  Problem = the thunder was accompanied by plenty of wind, rain, and lightning.

So, the field turf installation might take a little bit of a delay, as you can see in the photo above.  Never fear – we’ll be ready to go in plenty of time.

Meanwhile stock prices of chainsaw companies have really risen as the campus crew begins a major cleanup from last night.  This tree broke off and seriously damaged another – just north of Detchon (Yandes).

Jury Duty – Another Wabash Story

So, I had avoided jury duty since leaving active duty (Oct 97) but they finally caught me.  Showed up in Court last Thursday, went through all the questioning, and then the judge dismissed me!  As I am standing up to leave, trying to figure out what I might have said wrong, he told me "Wabash Always Fights" and asked when the new fields would be ready.  I answered "Sept 11, Judge" and left.

Of course, I immediately knew he was a Wabash man and then I starting thinking that one of the attorneys might be a DePauw graduate and that’s why I was excused.  Or the judge was just being nice…

I emailed the judge later and asked how it had ended up.  He explained the outcome then told a similar Wabash story.  "A few years ago I was the trial attorney and the Police Officer was a Wabash grad. My first question to him on Cross Exam was, "You graduated from Wabash and you know I graduated from Wabash." "Do you no that the Prosecutor on this case is a Danny?" He and I laughed as he answered each question yes, then I followed with I just wanted to set the record straight.  The Judge was smiling he new the inside humor and the jury got a laugh also."

It’s a small but far-reaching Wabash world. 


Elevated Outfield

As a pitcher, I always wanted fences that we about 500 feet away AND elevated.  When I saw what appears to be the old football field located in the new left and center fields, I imagined it was every pitcher’s dream.

Not so fast.

Coach Cory Stevens explained the idea was to have an elevated area just outside the fences where students and others watching the game could sit.  Cool idea.  Can’t wait until construction starts.

Of course, the other possibility is a jump ramp for the college’s new Harrier jet… OK, back to reality.

Wabash Wrestling Camp – Second To None

If you haven’t caught the web story on our Wabash Wrestling Camp…you really should.  Coach Brian Anderson has an All-Star crew of instructors…and I mean All Star.  Imagine your son learning all the right moves from an Olympic Medalist.  That’s bragging rights back at school in the fall.

Catch the information right here.

Time For A Little Giant Ark?

There’s been a pattern here over the last few days.  Every afternoon, about lawn-mowing or golfing time, the skies open up with thunderstorms…and last night they added a few tornadoes for dessert!

The nut photographer in me stopped on the way home for the photo above and then I caught the bottom one on the county road.  "Yep, comin’ down perty gud" as they say.  A real gully washer.

Plenty of water on the campus lawns – good.  Lots of debris to pick up – bad.