Tis The Season…and the end of the Year

We’re in that interesting period between Christmas and New Years…time when the guys have all gone home (except the foreign students) and the campus is really quiet.  It’s a time to sit back a little and reflect.  

And those thoughts almost always include what this good place has meant to us.

It’s also a time to make sure those close to you are taken care of…secure…healthy…ready for whatever life throws their way…

So, if you haven’t yet thought of the college – more importantly the young men who reside where you once did, who study where you studied, who play sports where you played – then please take just a moment to make sure they will have the same great opportunities you did.  You can make a gift on line here.

You can mail a check to:

     Wabash College Annual Fund
     PO Box 352
     Crawfordsville, IN 47933

It will make you feel good, I guarantee it.

Happy New Year from Carol and the Grunge…see you next week!

White..err…December 27, 2009 at Wabash

From earlier this morning.  Mother Nature kept it snowing all day yesterday…but the scientific measurement of total accumulation on the Grunge’s patio furniture measured around 4 inches.

Nevertheless, it looks great and the trimmings on the front sign showed the weight of the snow as I drove in this morning.

Tough for GaBunge to transition back to Grunge…getting old I guess. 

Tis The Season – Sun King Brewers Featured in Indy Star

Sun King Brewery, an Indy-based brewery with principals Omar (’60) and Clay (’97) Robinson, was featured in the Indianapolis Star recently.

Beers brewed locally are enjoying the highest level of Hoosier popularity ever.  For the story, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We’re working right now to feture the beers of Sun King Brewery and Barley Island (owned by Jeff Eaton ’85) at this year’s Big Bash.  That’s reason enough to attend the reunion!   

Merry Christmas! And More…

Merry Christmas!  And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays / Holy Days!

Late yesterday I made the transition to GaBunge (Grandpa Grunge).  Good to try to put the database transitiion and college budget worries behind and concentrate on passing out plenty of "spoils".  I am pretty certain the challenges of work will all be there when I return.  I am also certain that these grandkids are growing up way too fast.  Maddy heads to the convent in only 4 more years!

So from Carol and Grunge a simple message – have fun and smile a lot while remembering the reason for the Season, whatever Season you celebrate.  I’ll be back after Christmas.

 Photo: A Wabash Holidays card from a past year showing Center Hall.  It’s on our Christmas tree in the Hays Alumni Center.

Sterling Cater '07 – The Peace Corps Experience

Sterling Carter, Class of 2007, is finishing up his two-year experience in the Peace Corps.  He’s been serving in Niger.  This is one point where my poor attempt at creating an executive summary/blog entry just won’t be good enough.

Let me just say that this blog (Sterling’s report as he approaches the end of his time) shouts out how important and life-changing service to your fellow man is – both for the people one serves and for the ones serving.

Congratulations, Sterling, on making a difference.

Patrick Burton To Be Featured Speaker

Wabash’s Patrick Burton, Assistant Professor of Biology, will be a featured presenter at an upcoming Science Series at Indiana State University.  The series of presentations focuses on providing attendees with a look at ongoing scientific research from several different viewpoints.  Patrick’s talk will center on the evolution of development.

For the complete description of the series, click here.

Ryan Vaughn '00 Selected For Key Leadership Role

In an interesting turn of events in Marion County, Ryan Vaughn ’00 has been selected by the Republican Caucus as their presidential candidate for the City-County Council.  Ryan was selected over an incumbent –  a clear signal in most people’s minds that the group is looking for new ideas and fresh leadership.

Because the Republicans hold a clear majority on the council, Ryan’s selection as their candidate virtually guanrantees he’ll be the Coulcil president when the elections are held in early January.

Ryan is an attorney with the Indianapolis law firm of Barnes and Thornburg.

For the complete story, click here.

Congratulations Ryan!

Dean Reynolds '70 – Speaker at the Big Bash

Dean Reynolds of CBS News will be a Colloquium speaker at the 2010 Big Bash.  That’s because the award-winning news correspondent, who has reported from near and far, is a member of the Class of 1970 at Wabash.  Dean will be celebrating his 40th reunion.

Reynolds followed in this father’s footsteps in the news world – his father was Frank Reynolds, a noted name in the news business.  Dean has worked for ABC and CNN in addition to CBS.

Better make plans right now for the 2010 Big Bash.

Finals Start Today

Finals start today.  I thought I might include a photo of the blue book – but that might cause too much pre-Holidays stress.  Just the sight of the blue book brings back…well, you know.

So instead you get a recent photo of the campus flag and the moon over Crawfordsville…it has absolutely nothing to do with finals…unless…you consider the guys have been up studying by the light of the…never mind. 

By Friday afternoon the guys will be headed home of the Holidays and the campus will be quiet.  By Tuesday we’ll be wishing they were back.  That’s the way it goes.   Extra bandwidth when they are gone…but the campus just isn’t the same.

Here’s to the guys traveling safe, having a great Holidays, and returning safely…

President Thad Seymour – Living the Mission

That’s President Thad Seymour H’78, Wabash’s 11th President, in a photo I "borrowed" from NPR. President Seymour was featured in a photo album and story by NPR on the Independent Transportation Network (ITN).  The ITN offers low cost rides to senior citizens who prefer not to drive or are no longer able. 

The group started in Maine and reached Florida about three years ago.  President Seymour, no surprise to me, is on the local board of directors but also serves as a driver.  "…act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely" come to mind.

Thad, a young 81, is extremely active but gave up the double shifts!  He is a leader and a doer.  Polly, his lovely bride, is also extremely active volunteering in the local community.

It isn’t the least bit surpriseing to anyone who knows the Seymours that they are very busy serving the members of their community.

Thad and Polly Seymour – Some Little Giants.

Many thanks to all who alerted me to the NPR piece.