Major General Earl Johnson'38 – Some Little Giant

The college community said "safe fini flight" to our most senior class agent, Major General Earl Johnson ’38, at the Pioneer Chapel this past weekend.  The group was small – after all, the General had outlived virtually all of his friends.

However, one of his favorite experiences at Wabash, his time in the Phi Delta Theta house, was the center of the celebration of his life.  Donna Dawson, General Johnson’s daughter, accepted an award from the International fraternity.  The award has been made only five times and goes to a member of the fraternity who truly distinguished himself in the service of our Country.  In addition, several current members of the fraternity were there to pay their respects.

It reminded me that we often focus our attention on the alumni who go on to be highly successful. And we should celebrate those whose leadership and effort make a difference out in the "real world".  But there are also those who toil behind the scenes – teachers, ministers, and those in the service – whose efforts often go without celebration but whose tasks are absolutely critical to the life we enjoy today.

General Johnson was indeed one of those difference makers.

Top Doctor – Dan Kraft '85

Indianapolis Monthly magazine runs a list of Top Doctors in it’s magazine on an annual basis.  The last list was published in the November 2009 edition.

What makes this listing so important is that the Top Doctors in each category are selected by their peers.  It’s one thing to have a popularity vote, it’s another to have your peers say you’re the best.

In the November issue, Dan Kraft ’85 was named a Top Doctor in the field of Sports Medicine.  Dan’s approach seems like other Wabash doctors I have talked to who are also top notch – talk to the patient and don’t be thinking surgery unless it’s really needed.

To look over the Indianapolis Monthly list of Top Docs, click here.

Congrats, Dan!  Well done.    


Rich Lehmann '09 – Career On The Move

Last year at this point, Rich Lehmann ’09 was just finishing Comps.  A Sigma Chi and football player, who majored in Music, he was probably fully focused on greduation and whatever would follow.

Fast forward to this day, and he’s on the calender at the ‘Bash next Friday night (Feb 5)…performing in a Concert!  That’s right, Rich Lehmann student is now Rich Lehmann professional musician!

That’s quick career progression!

Congrats Rich!


Wabash Technology Survey – This Might Surprise You

Here’s a little bit of the student technology survey released this week.

– The percentage of students bringing their own computer to Wabash – 95.3%

– The percentage of those that are laptops – 88%

– What operating system does your computer use?  25.4% use a Mac (that’s up 600% in the last 5 years)

– The percentage of students who have a cell phone – 98%

– The number of Apple iPhones currently registered on the Wabash wireless network – 481 (yes, correct, 481!) 

– Distinct web pages on the Wabash web site – 101,822 (That’s a lot!)

– Alumni who logged into Alumni eServices last year – 1,143 (almost 10 % of our living alumni)

– Number of Wabash blogs – 130 (And almost all of them have more than the 9 readers this one has!)  

Lessons learned?
1.  Buy your son a laptop – it’s cheaper than a car.
2.  Might as well make it a Mac.
3.  Get the iPhone while you’re in the Apple store.
4.  Make his home web site:


Justin Grimmer '05 – Wabash, Harvard, Stanford!

Professor David Hadley sent us some exciting news about Justin Grimmer ’05.  Justin is finishing a program at the Harvard Department of Government and has accepted a teaching position in American Politics at Stanford.  Hadley reports the Stanford program is one of the very top in the United States.

With a lot of PhDs in Political Science on the job search front, this is especially good news.

Congratulations Justin!


Oberlin's Isaac Hayes – George Abram

I attended the Wabash – Oberlin basketball game this past weekend, took a few photos, and also had a chance to meet George Abram, the voice of Oberlin football and basketball.  George has that smooth, deep Isaac Hayes voice that gets the Oberlin faithful fired up when he introduces the "Y..E..O..M..E..N!!!"

So, you may ask, what has this to do with Wabash.  Nothing, really.  But then again…

George is retired.  He didn’t work at Oberlin College.  He does what he does because he’s a fan of Oberlin.  H’s a local resident who likes what Oberlin does for young people.   Wabash has many folks like this as well – and they make a difference every day. 

Community support is key for our small liberal arts colleges.  



Cardiorobotics and Dick Buckingham '67 in the News

Cardiorobotics, a Rhode Island-based company pushing the barriers of robotics outward, is in the business news.  They have just completed a public offering based upon their growth projections.

At the center of this effort is Wabash’s own Dick Buckingham ’67, the company’s CFO.  Dick’s a part of a talent-laden leadership team that has the company on a path to using robotics in a number of fields.

Congratulations Dick! 

What A Difference YOU Can Make

 One of the things that we constantly talk about is our alumni and their ability to help our current students in many ways.  Well, here’s a chance for you, the helpful alumnus, to see your contributions through the eyes of one of our students.

Recently, Steve Henke, a Wabash sophomore,  visited with Indianapolis law firm of Baker and Daniels. Dustin DeNeal ’04, a young and gifted student and Wabash football player, who is now a rising star in the legal profession, hosted Steve.

That’s all I’ll say though – you need to hear about the opportunity from Steve himself.  Click here for that blog.


Comps – A Wabash Tradition

There are moments in your personal life story that you will never forget.  The assassination of JFK. 911.  Your wedding day.  The birth of your children.  The loss of a parent.

There are Wabash moments that are exactly the same.  Freshman Saturday.  Chapel Sing. Commencement.

and…C O M P S.

I can remember starting a Comps written answer with the sentence: "This is not the book answer and it probably isn’t what you are looking for, but it is what I believe and why".  That was either going to work…or not.  I guess it did.

For my orals I only remember one of the three professors…and he wasn’t in my major at all. It was Wabash legend Vic Powell.  The question was very straightforward – he asked: "Explain the benefits of a liberal arts education".  Somehow, somewhere, I found something to say.  Looking back on it now, I should have known that would be question #1.  It should be question #1.

Share your recollections of Comps with us.  Click here and let Steve Charles, the world’s greatest Magazine editor, know your Comps story.

No, the photo is not from my student days.  No I did not take the picture while working here.  It’s an Archives special from the good old days when we had a Study Camp for Comps.  Thanks to Steve Charles and Beth Swift for the photo.

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