Bill O'Bryan '74 Joins Firm's Leadership Group

Bill O’Bryan ’74 has been promoted to the Policy/Executive Committee for the law firm of Miller & Martin, headquartered in Nashville TN. Robert Holland, managing director of the firm’s Nashville operation, explains O’Bryan is a “well respected and trusted lawyer” who brings a lot to the firm’s leadership team.

O’Bryan graduated from Wabash in 1974 and from Vanderbilt University Law School in 1977.

Congratulations Bill!

Cheer Loud and Proud For Wabash!

This post will probably get me officially named an “old fuddy-duddy”…but that’s OK.

I really enjoy football-all kinds. However, there’s a special “fun-ness” to Wabash football. It’s Div. III-played for the love of the game. It’s about our Alma Mater-the Little Giants taking on one more bigger school…and winning. And, it’s all about a College that gives it’s absolute best on the field – Wabash Always Fights!

But it’s also about everything we associate with our College – a special bond and an all pervasive, never-quit attitude…in everything we do, not just sports. I really like to hear people say that there’s something special about Wabash College and the Wabash community.

I don’t like to hear them say anything bad about our school or the Wabash fans. And I heard some of that this past weekend.

So, when you are at Whitewater, cheer all day long for the Little Giants. Show everyone your pride. Show everyone that Wabash College is a class act. Cheer for Wabash. Save the slams on their team, coaches, and fans for some other time. 

The Gentleman’s Rule applies.

Whitewater Game – Room Update

Several of us are staying in Janesville, WI. †About 18 miles from the stadium. †I know the Holiday Inn Express is full and the Hampton Inn only has a couple of rooms left. †I have heard reports that there are rooms available at the Best Western. †Better book soon ( or 608-756-4511)!

See you Saturday!!!†

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the Wabash campus just a couple of days ago. 

Thanksgiving…it doesn’t take long for everyone to figure out there’s a lot to be thankful for, even in tough times. Heath challenges can be offset by a family together. Family troubles melt away with just one smile from a little one.   

And don’t forget those among us who are far away, serving our country, as we sit down in freedom to eat a little too much and watch a boat-load of football…

Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Then jump in the car and cheer the Little Giants on to victory this Saturday in Cleveland!



See You In Cleveland

Wally may not be there this Saturday, but I hope to see you there. †It will be cold (39 for a high?) but that’s not important. †Heck, the weekend after we just might find ourselves in Wisconsin!!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving, pull out those long-johns, and travel safe to Cleveland!

Bill Placher '70 – Summa Cum EVERYTHING

Yesterday’s Chapel Speaker was Bill Placher ’70 – a Wabash legend. Bill’s talk about Wabash was part of the series of talks celebrating the 175th Anniversary of Wabash College.

Bill talked about Wabash in 1907. But, of course, it wasn’t a history lesson so much as it was a discussion of the fabric of Wabash and how this place is set on the cornerstone of tremendous learning relationships.

He was phenomenal. With Vic Powell, Joe O’Rourke, and Raymond Williams in Chapel, he had the attention of several Wabash legends!

Bill makes pre-meal invocations rival the Gettysburg Address!

Bill Placher – Some Little Giant!

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