Wabash Annual Fund – The Giving "Bio Van"

The Wabash Annual Fund. It isn’t ground breaking, glamorous, fast or exciting. You don’t put your name on it anywhere. The Annual Fund is very straightforward – it’s used every year for common but important work. Every single dollar of the Annual Fund is used for our students – for scholarships, for teaching and learning, for making Wabash even better tomorrow than it is today.

The Annual Fund is like the Bio Van of College Advancement. It simply goes about its job in a workman-like fashion. Imagine if Wabash didn’t have those Bio vans. How many doctors and scientists from Wabash would have received a lesser experience? How many other students would not have had expanded opportunities? The Annual Funds does exactly the same things.

In this Season of Giving, think of our young men and make an Annual Fund gift. Just go to or click on the icon right here. You’ll get good mileage, a long warranty, and a tax deduction!

For all of us here, Thanks!

Merry Christmas from Grunge and Carol

The Christmas Season is a time to reflect on faith, family, and friends.  All of life’s challenges take a back seat to the pure joy and happiness that comes this time of the year.

Regardless of your faith, Carol and I join you in celebrating it.

Regardless of the physical location of your family, they are as close as you want.

Regardless of where you are over the Holiday Season, we’re thinking of you. 

See you next week…

If the Suit Fits…

Scott Crawford and Stephanie Hopkins, the leadership team in our Schroeder Center for Career Development (SCC), have started a neat program…a suit exchange. But it’s more than suits…it shirts…ties…even shoes.

The idea is simple and straightforward. When one of our young guys has an interview for an internship, externship, or job, he has the option of wearing something appropriate from the suit exchange rather than spending a bunch of money on business attire. He’ll have to spend those bucks someday, I know, but those days may be later rather than sooner for some of our guys.

The SCC has received several suits, shirts, ties, etc. from alumni but can always use more. In this Season of Giving, think about our young men and the suit exchange. As you get ready to mail in your Annual Fund gift before December 31st, throw in a few extra $$$ for the SCC effort.

You’ll be making a difference and it’ll make you feel good…


General Earl Johnson ’38

Here I sit trying to organize a boat load of photo CDs scattered all over my desk.  In the process I came across a CD marked only as “Punk” – sent to me months ago.  It immediately took me back to September 2002…

I was the lucky one.  Steve Charles, our exceptional Wabash Magazine editor, was traveling to interview Major General Earl “Punk” Johnson ’38, class agent and legend.  While Steve did his usual great job of interviewing General Johnson, I sat and listened like a little kid.

General Johnson, Wabash graduate and Air Force aviator, told stories about WWII that had me sitting on the edge of my seat.  I was amazed at his recall – if the mission was on a Friday afternoon, he told us the date!  General Johnson recalled training the aircrews whose missions would eventually bring the war in the Pacific to a speedy halt.  He talked about flak so thick over Japan you could walk on it.  He remembered the smallest details…

Steve Charles, on the way back to Indiana, asked why I called him “General Johnson” and not just “Punk”.  After all, I encouraged everyone to call me “Tom” or preferably “Grunge”.  I told Steve I just couldn’t call him anything but “General”…it just wouldn’t be right…or proper.

Major General Earl Johnson…one great guy…what a Wabash man.  I just wish I could have flown with him…in a fighter, of course.

Back to the CDs…

Pretty Quiet Around Here

Tuesday Morning, December 20, 2005…about 7:30 AM.  Temperature – 10 degrees! (F)

The picture is of our Beta House…if you look closely, you’ll see one light on in a room…the rest are stairwells.

It’s always interesting at Christmas breaks.  The guys are itching to get finals behind them and head home for the Holidays.  The staff looks forward to the internet working a lot faster, fewer "finals week emails", and the time to get some of those projects done that have been lurking all semester.

Those feelings last about three days…then we can’t wait for the guys to get back and the campus to be full of life again…such is life!   

Volunteer For Wabash

Classmate Mike Dill ’71 (Oklahoma) volunteers for Wabash as our Chairman of the Annual Fund, in Admissions and with the Schroeder Center for Career Development.  Lee Cline ’66 (Mississippi) is a powerful volunteer force for Admissions throughout the South.  Parents Bill and Bonnie Shreve (Eric ’02 and Mark ’04) are very involved in everything Wabash in the Cincinnati area.  

We’re blessed with a number of volunteers…but we could really use more.

Would you like to help Wabash?  If so, please let us know.  It’s easier than ever to get involved, thanks to a new web page designed by Nancy Doemel, Senior Advancement Officer/Coordinator of Volunteer Services, and Mark Siegel, Application Developer in Computer Services.

Click on this link – – and let us hear from you. You’ll make a big difference!

Mark Dietzen '05 – Changing the World

I think if you look up the term “Fine Young Man” in some sort of reference book, Mark’s picture is next to it! He’s a tremendous young man with a heart of gold. In February, he’s leave for two years of service in the Peace Corps. He’s not quite sure where he will end up but he understands the likelihood is Central or Eastern Europe.

Mark’s excited about the opportunity and I am excited for him. President Andy Ford challenges our guys to go out and change the world – Mark will be doing just that!

This picture was taken at the Wabash Club of Chicago Holiday Luncheon on December 13, 2005.

Trainer Jack and Gayle – Difference Makers

Wabash bid "Safe Journey" to Trainer Jack Mansfield and his lovely wife Gayle last night.  Jack and Gayle aren’t leaving Wabash as much as they are entering a new phase of their lives. The reason is simple.  The Mansfields have touched the lives of so many Wabash athletes and community members over the last two decades.  There is no minimizing the life-long impact they have had through their friendship, support, and sage advice.  They are Wabash, through and through.   


We’ll miss Jack’s presence on the sidelines and around campus…but he’ll be there, I know.


Photo:  Jack and Gayle (r) say farewell to a friend at their reception

Midnight Munch – A Wabash Tradition

It’s a Tuesday night tradition during finals week.  Wabash faculty, coaches, and staff, working with the Bon Appetit team,  serve a midnight breakfast to our guys as they are studying for finals. 

Last night, when the counting was done, we were on the north side of 300 students going through the line…almost 40% of the student body!  The talk between faculty members like Melissa Butler, Lon Porter, and Mike Axtell and the students was exactly what you would expect at Wabash – supportive and encouraging.  I was tired – I almost didn’t go.  Man, am I glad I did.  Little things like Midnight Munch reinforce the unique culture we have…

 In the photo:  New head trainer Mark Colston, Coach Rob Johnson H’77, New Media director Howard Hewitt, and Coach Mac Petty H’82 serving up a great midnight meal. SCC director Scott Crawford (in back) awaits his turn at the spatula!   

Check out the Public Affairs blog "FYI" which includes a photo album from last night’s Munch.