Grunge – Out! Ga'Bunge- In!

Friday, June 26th at O-dark-thirty, Grunge and Carol will make the transition to Ga’Bunge and Nana.  This year’s July 4th trip is the California coast from LA to San Fran then Yosemite and Sequoia back to the LA area.

Of course, it will start in Disneyland…after all, there are some things in life you just have to do…

So, to you nine loyal readers, I’ll try to send a pic or two from Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge.  See you back in C’ville around the 8th of July.

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Connor Joins the Klen Clan

That’s Connor William Klen flanked by his proud parents, Molly and Joe ’97.  Connor weighed in at the potential lineman weight of 8 pounds and 9 ounces on Monday, June 15th.  Most importantly, Molly and Connor are both at home and doing very well.  And so is Joe.

In true fighter pilot fashion, I quickly offered two potential nicknames – "Connie Klen"  (shades of Connie Mack) and "Billy the Klen".  Well…let’s just leave it right there.

 Congrats to Molly and Joe!

President Thad Seymour – In the Blog-news

The Wabash President from my days, Thad Seymour H’78, if featured in a short blog about presidential portraits and his classic tweed jacket.

The blog includes links to his other two official portraits – as Dean at Dartmouth and as President at Wabash.

It’s interesting reading and can balance some of the heavier material Robin covers on her blog. 

You can read this story and see more pictures here



Father's Day in the Rockies

Got an email from Jim Roper ’68 bright and early this morning – 0211L. (don’t worry, that’s only a little after midnight in Colorado.)

Jim’s Father Day included a hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  And, just as happened  couple of years ago when Jim met Greg Birk ’77, he ran into a fellow Wally on the hike – this time it was Daren Courter ’89 on vacation from California.

An even smaller world – the Grunge will be on vacation in California later this week!

Helpful tidbit of the day from Ropes – when you are 62 or older, you can pay a $10.00 fee and get a lifetime pass to our National Parks.  I am looking forward to that ’cause the rest of this getting old stuff isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…

Proud Dad – Aman Brar '99

Just got this email from Aman…"Susan and I are happy to announce the arrival of Navraj Singh Brar – born at 8:50PM on Monday night (June 15th) – weighting 7 lbs 3 oz and 20.5 inches tall.nd 20.5 inches tall."  Already a smiley little one.    

In other alumni baby news…Born about 4 hours earlier in the day was Connor William Klen, son of Molly and Joe Klen ’97. Connor is more of a lineman, coming in at 8 lbs., 9 ozs.  I have already selected a nickname, "Billy the Klen", but I doubt that gets too far, knowing Joe.

Most important news – all parties are doing well.

Let see – the Class of 2032 now has two members!  Where are those referral cards…

Congratulations to all.



Chip Timmons '96 Appointed to the Board of Directors

Wabash’s own Chip Timmons ’96, Associate Director of Admissions, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Colleges That Change Lives, Inc. (CTCL).   CTCL is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process.  

CTCL was founded as a result of a book with the same name.  Colleges That Change Lives was written by retired New York Times education editor Loren Pope.  Mr. Pope graduated from DePauw but often stated he wished he had attended Wabash.

The book is an incredible resource for high school students seeking a college that delivers a life-changing experience.  You can find more on their web site.  

Congrats Chip!


Bryan Daniels '81

Taylor Capital Group elected Bryan Daniels ’81, co-founder and principal of Prairie Capital, L.P., to the Company’s Board of Directors. Taylor Capital Group, Inc. is a $4.6 billion bank holding company for Cole Taylor Bank, a Chicago-based commercial bank specializing in serving the banking needs of closely held businesses. 

"Bryan is a valuable member of the Cole Taylor Bank Board and will add tremendous value as he also joins the Company’s Board of Directors," said Bruce W. Taylor, Chairman of the Board. "Bryan’s role in founding a leading middle-market private equity firm and as a middle market investor gives him an unique understanding of our core clients: owner-operated businesses. He also brings sixteen years of Chicago-area commercial banking experience, all of which will make him an important addition to our board."

Bryan is a co-founder and principal of Prairie Capital, a private equity firm focused on the lower-end of the middle market. Since 1997, Prairie Capital has invested a total of $475 million in 70 transactions. He serves on the board of directors of Chicago Deferred Exchange Company, Estes Cox Corporation, Navman Wireless, R3 Education and a number of other companies.

Information from the press release – Congrats Bryan!


Diane, Darnell, and Dawson – Kane (’94) that is…

 Kane Dawson ’94, the COO of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) regional hospital in Philadelphia, was giving me a tour of the hospital when we crossed Diane’s path in the elevator.  Diane is a patient.  Her name tag told me that.  Yes, the patients wear name tags, if they so choose. When Kane ask her in very general terms about her experience there, she answered: “I can’t imagine being any place else”. 

Later, I picked up my car at valet parking (they were preparing for a big “Celebration of Life” the next day and the only parking was valet) Darnell helped me out.  When I tried to tip him, he nicely explained they don’t do that at CTCA.  Smiling though, he said I could take his picture next time I was there.  I said we should do it now and snapped away.  Darnell said he liked his work and the smile said it was so.

The executive chef, whose name I didn’t catch but would love to tell you it was “Dave”, said he loved his work.  He let me know in no uncertain terms that he was a chef and a caregiver all in one.  Think about a Master Chef at a hospital instead of some 5 star restaurant.  Just a part of what they do there.

If ever a culture defines an institution, it is CTCA.  What could so easily be a place of illness and death was alive as a place where the focus on living was the key.  Sure, there were sick people but there was world-class equipment, medicines, and people.  People – probably the most important part of it all.

We paused briefly at the Chapel – there were people in there talking so no chance for a photo.  What I did notice is that a limestone wall had turned into a prayer basket, with little notes stuck through the openings.  Great doctors and healthcare are one thing – help from above is another level.

As most of you know, the Grunge is a cancer survivor.  I wouldn’t change anything about my care – my doc (Trey Holland, classmate) and the hospital (St. Vs.) were great!  But I’ll tell you what.  I’m thankful that something, somewhere made Kane decide to get into this line of work and that Dick Stephenson ’62 had the vision for CTCA.

It’s all about the living.


Top: The CTCA regional hospital
Right: My new friend Darnell
Bottom: Kane Dawson ’94

Brandon Stewart '08

Had a chance to have lunch near Independence Hall with 2008 graduate Brandon Stewart.  Brandon works for FIRE – that’s the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.  FIRE protects the rights of faculty and students who believe those rights have been compromised.  FIRE is co-funded by grants and by the donations of private parties who appreciate the work of the organization.

It was clearly evident that Brandon really enjoys what he does.  It”s almost as if the stars aligned, the clouds open, and the job/person match was formed up there.  Brandon does sees himslef in politics one day, behind the scenes as he says, but for right now, he’s living the liberal arts life.  Something new and different every single day.

You probably have heard Brandon is working with Bruce Gras ’68 on Wabash Stories as well.  That’s good news for all – Bruce and Brandon are movers and shakers who will keep that site growing.