Coach Creighton – He Leaves No Doubt!

Some call it passion. Some call it intensity. Some call it drive. Whatever you call it Coach Creighton, or “CC”, has it.

He loves football. He loves Wabash. He forms friendships with these young men that last well beyond their Wabash playing days. He cares.

You’ll see all of that today…

Go Little Giants!

I Love Chapel Sing

I love Chapel Sing…I guess because of the before and after. Look at the photo of Cal Black ’66 in the photo album – that’s says it pretty well.

The before? A bunch of recent high school graduates. The after? Wabash men. It’s a rite of passage so important to these guys. How does singing the school song do that? I don’t know for sure. I can just tell you that the experience does. Now, it’s also in the category of winter survival school and my first flight evaluation – good to have been there and NEVER need to do it again!

I just wish all the independent men and all the fraternity houses took part…

For more photos, click here.

Where the Betas Are

…there will be Chapel Sing.

I can’t recall the Betas ever winning, but they are always the first on the scene.

Took this picture bright and early this morning, long before Chapel Sing will start.  There they were halfway between asleep and awake…OK, real close to asleep.

Maybe the reason they don’t win is they are dead tired by the time the Sing starts?  But the tradition is…

Can’t wait for later this morning, always fun to be there and think back to …

John Flanagan '66 – Achieving New Heights!

That’s John Flanagan ’66 with his son Keith at the top of Mt. St. Helen last month. John and Keith trained and climbed the south approach as a father-son adventure.

The mountain erupted on the north side and is still active. The mountain is about 8,300 feet high so it’s a climb that includes trees (where they weren’t burned away), lava rock and lava silt. John reports that last part of the climb, the lava silt, was like walking uphill in soft sand.

That’s a Wabash Big Bash hat from John’s 40th reunion in 2006. Love that free advertising!

Congrats John and Keith!

Sgt. John Jefferson '97 – Award Winner

John Jefferson, Wabash Class of 1997, was recently named Linguist of the Year in the United States Army. John, a History, French, and English triple major, is fluent in Arabic, Polish, French, Latin, and German and is currently teaching himself Turkish! He’s also working on a PhD!!! John’s served in Iraq and is now stationed in Germany.

John’s oldest son Henry, age 4, already speaks fluent German and English! It’s a little too early for his younger brother Oliver to be multi-lingual, reports John’s wife Alison.

John’s brother Paul, Class of 1992, is an attorney in Indianapolis.

Congratulations, John! Well Done!

Bob Armstrong '74 – Send a Prayer His Way

Bob Armstrong was one of those Washington, DC area alumni who really helped us launch the Jim Graham ’65 Externship Program a couple of years ago. During the initial year of the program, Bob took on two externs. Those young men were able to see a great deal – I was amazed as I talked to Bob and to them. Bob’s skills and background puts him on the cutting edge of some very sophisticated developments. Our young men learned so much about Chemical Warfare and about our War on Terror in one short week.

Bob’s fighting a different war now. He’s had a recurrence of cancer that, I believe, stretches back to his days in Vietnam. As with any cancer, it’s a tough fight. However, Bob’s a pretty strong fighter in his own right. Of course, as I learned over and over again in my professional career, a team can be much more powerful than the sum of its parts. So, please join me on Bob’s team. Send a prayer his way. Your chosen faith matters not – what matters is we ask God for help in fighting Bob’s cancer.

Bob Armstrong – Some Little Giant!

Ashraf Haidari '01 – Global Difference Maker

I had the opportunity to talk with Ashraf Haidari ’01 briefly at the dinner to welcome the Whites to Washington. Ashraf works for his native Afghanistan at the Embassy in Washington. Over the last several years, he’s attained a masters degree, bought a home, become a father, and received promotions several times. Sounds like the typical Wabash man.

But the challenges for his country and their government are many and highly complex. Some would say overwhelming. However, five minutes talking to Ashraf makes me believe they are on the right path. He is so positive an so dedicated to making things better and he has a vision of the future that few in his place might see.

Ashraf Haidari – Some Little Giant!

Arlington Update

I was sitting on the “puddle jumper” waiting to fly back from Washington yesterday and amid the constant takeoffs of airliners I hear the distinctive roar of rear airplanes – fighters. I looked up just in time to see the #2 man going vertical in a missing man formation over Arlington. †Gotta tell you, that never ceases to get to me.

Here are a few photos from my very quick trip to Arlington.

Back to Wabash stuff shortly…

Howard Hewitt – Making New Media Happen!

That’s Howard Hewitt, our director of new media. Many of you may recognize him – he worked at Journal Review and the Indianapolis Star prior to coming to Wabash.

Howard’s been a real contributor in a number of ways – from new content on our web site to many and varied stories in every form of Wabash communication. His work on the Magazine’s “California Dreamin'” edition brought rave reviews and is still talked about.

I caught Howard at the Millikin football game not expecting a photo – he gave me ‘the look”. That’s OK…his bark is worse than his bite!


Had a little time this morning so I went to Arlington National Cemetery. I get goose bumps every single time I’m there.

Not too many people there early so I had a chance to get around and take some photos. First time I’ve been here during a regular week…moving to watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and hear the 21 gun salutes during a morning full of funerals.

You can’t help but be thankful for the many sacrifices of all who rest there. Their sacrifices allow us to argue about red and blue states, national health care options, OJ’s guilt or innocence, and countless other worries that free people can have.

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