Living the Mission Statement

It’s the Holidays.  Time for reflection.  A time to sit back and consider those things most important to you.  And, it’s a time to share…

Dustin Deno ’05 and his family face a challenge.  Dustin and Lacey’s daughter – Aubrey  – has cancer and is undergoing treatment at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indy.  She’ll be there for a couple of months.  Tough at any stage of life and time of year – toughest for a little one and at the Holidays.

Enter former football teammate and fraternity brother Brent Bridwell ’03.  Brent’s with the comedy group Pistol Party in Chicago.  Brent heard of Aubrey’s condition and treatment and he followed our mission statement to a “T”.

The Pistol Party

Next Saturday night at the Lafayette Brewing Company in Lafayette, IN, Brent’s group will be doing a benefit for Aubrey.  You can find the details here.  If you are in or near Lafayette this coming Saturday, please stop by.

I can’t help thinking of “It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.”, one of our recruiting themes a few years back.  Man, is this ever worth it.

Wabash Basketball – Rolling!

The Wabash basketball team before a recent game

Wabash basketball is on a roll this year and coming off a 15 point victory over the #2 team in the nation, Randolph-Macon.

The team has more depth than I have seen and has two freshmen who are playing a lot and contributing.  It looks to be a great year…stay tuned for details!

Speaking of details, Wednesday night, December 1, Wabash travels to DePauw.  Game time is 7:30 PM.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a full house – of Wabash fans?  Hope to see you there.

Happy Thanksgiving

For those of you traveling, travel safe.

For those of you partying, party safe.

For those of you visiting with family, enjoy and cherish every minute.  Tell your grandparents you love them – they’ll appreciate it, believe me.

For those of you with a glass, it’s more than half full – I can tell from here.

For those with a treadmill, might be a good idea to use it.

See you next week – Happy Thanksgiving.

Wabash On College GameDay

Michael Ruffing ’05 sent this to me – COOL!

Wabash College on College Game Day

When College GameDay telecast their show from Wrigleyville last week, Michael, his wife, and classmate Dan Creasap grabbed the longest flagpole they could find and their Wabash flag.

Result?  There’s Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit chatting about football…they’re probably talking about the lopsided Monon Bell game victory instead of Illinois-Northwestern.

Spreading the fame…

Thanks Michael – great work!

Eric Stark '88 – Creating a Buzz in the Music World

Eric Stark '88

Eric Stark ’88 has two seemingly full time jobs.  He’s an Associate Professor of Music in the Jordan College of Fine Arts at Butler.  In addition, he conducts the Butler Chorale and the Butler Madrigal Singers.   Seems like more than enough…except for Eric.

Stark is also the Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir and is building quite an international reputation.  According to our own Professor Larry Bennett, at the recent conference of the American Musicological Society, Eric conducted the Rachmaninoff Vespers Service for a huge crowd and got rave reviews from the conference participants.

Well done Eric!

Monon Bell Chapel – Nov 11, 2010

Monon Bell Chapel Talk on You Tube

You’re probably tired of me riding the Monon Bell wave…sorry!  But after watching so many Sports Center shows where players (college student-athletes) struggle to put complete sentences together, it’s refreshing and a moment of extreme pride when I watch our guys.

So, get a cup of coffee, close the office or study door, and sit back and relax as you listen to these five senior captains and their coach at Chapel last week.  Here’s the link.

Now, when you’re done watching it, take a brief moment this week and next to give Thanks for your Wabash education and for theirs. These guys are excellent football players but even better men and future world changers.  You can invest in your college for the generations to come.  I did through the Challenge of Excellence and you can as well.  Click here for details.

Help keep Wabash strong.


Coach Steve House-A Fixture at Wabash

Coach Steve House Honored at Halftime of the 2010 Monon Bell Game

Coach Steve House was honored at halftime of the Monon Bell game for his 25 years of coaching at Wabash.  That’s probably enough for all in the Wabash community to tip their hats to Steve and his wife Judy.

But it doesn’t end there…not even close.  There’s a bunch of years serving the student body as the Student Activities director.  Don’t forget the countless athletes stopping by their home.  Then there are the thousands of home-cooked meals from Judy for football players…and their friends.  And how many man to man talks and how many motherly sessions?  There’s a piece of the House family buried deep in the hearts of countless Wabash students and alumni.

So, after this football game, Steve retires.  They won’t leave Wabash – they’ll simply transition to a different relationship with the College and the young men who call this place their home.

Steve and Judy House - Some Little Giants

Thanks Steve.  Thanks Judy.  You are Some Little Giants.

Even More Monon Bell Photos

Chris Runge '94

Just when you thought you had seen all of the Monon Bell photos…there’s more!

My son, Chris, Class of 1994, was back with his family for the 117th Monon Bell game. Chris brought his camera gear and joined me on the sidelines for a wet but VERY FUN day of football pictures.  He’s back in Virginia now, after a whirlwind tour, and has posted his photos on Smug Mug. Enjoy!

Elvis Stopped By

Elvis decided to leave Area 51 (I can’t tell you any more) for the weekend and came back to C’ville for the 117th Monon Bell Classic.  I caught him in the parking lot where he was revving up for the game with other Wabash fans.  Elvis is definitely a Wabash fan!

The cape said it all…
“We will never give up,
We will never give up!
Wabash Always Fights!”

Now, you have to wonder how Elvis heard that way out there…unless…

Team Hawksworth – In The House!

Team Hawksworth was in the house for the Bell game – I caught them down at the west end zone after the third quarter.

Team Hawksworth

From their vantage point – it was a happy day and they were all smiles.  Not just for the performance of the Little Giants but for the scoreboard at the other end of the field.  The Hawksworth sons made a gift of the scoreboard to honor their father (Paul ’56) and the way it “looked” was beyond great!

40-0 with the Fourth Quarter to go

That’s the Undefeated, Untied Hawksworth scoreboard.

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