Rev. Josh Patty ’99 moves to new church

Rev. Josh Patty ’99 is now the senior pastor of Eastgate Christian Church, Disciples of Christ in Independence, MO. Josh received his bachelor’s degree from Wabash College and his master’s of divinity degree from the University of Chicago Divinity School.   He was ordained in the Illinois/Wisconsin Region and moved to Eastgate from the Central Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in Fairmont, W.Va.  Josh delivered his first sermon in Independence on December 4.  An installation service is planned for a later date. 

Josh was active in numerous activities and organizations as a student on campus, but always knew what his career choice would be:  “. . . Though he brought with him to Wabash a passion for music and interests in debate, law, and journalism, his strong interest in religion hit him like a brick during the second semester of his sophomore year.”   “[Josh} had heard that our religion department had one of the best undergraduate teaching faculties in the nation and thought I couldn’t pass up the chance to take some classes.”   (Click here to read the entire feature story from the winter 1999 Wabash Magazine.)

  1. Rev. John E. Sowers'99

    I have always thought it was great that Josh and I are TKE brothers and both pastors in the Christian Church Disciples of Christ tradition. What are the odds of two DOC pastors coming out of a pledge class of six people? I was so humbled to preach at Josh’s ordination service in Illinois. (I guess I am to blame in part for Josh discovering the Disciples.) We have made it a point to attend each others installation services when possible. Josh attended mine here in Rushville Illinois shortly after his ordination and I attended his in Fairmont WV. I cannot wait for the one in Indepence, MO. It should be noted that Josh sang the Lord’s Prayer at my ordination service in Richmond Indiana in 2002.

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