Memorial Day 2010

The Weekend of Memorial Day 2010.  

At Wabash, our focus is on getting ready for the Big Bash next weekend.  In Hoosierland, it’s all about the Indy 500….and the three day weekend.

Probably a different focus in the "sandbox"….Korea…Persian Gulf…

Wikipedia would tell you that Memorial Day commemorates the U.S. men and women who died while in the miiltary service. 

Take a minute…on your way to the grocery store for the charcoal or as you are stuck in the long lines at the race, and just give a quick thanks to all of those who have served and especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  We live in the land of the free because of them.


Baker and Daniels – Golfing for Charity

Drew McCoy ’05, an attorney with Indianapolis firm Baker and Daniels, sent me a flyer on a different kind of golf tourney he’s helping to put together.  Here are the highlights:

_ _ _ _ _

What is it?
A golf marathon to raise money for three 501(c)(3) organizations by hosting 72 golfers in playing as many holes as they can in one day — with each player raising at least $200 in donations. The more holes a golfer plays, the more money that golfer raises.


When is it?
This year’s outing will be Monday, June 28, at Hillcrest Country Club, 6098 Fall Creek Road, Indianapolis. The golfing will run from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Although June 23 is the actual summer solstice, June 28 will give golfers plenty of daylight to play as many holes as they can.

– – – – – 

Drew is looking for some corporate sponsors.  You can contact Drew at (tell him the Grunge sent you):

Andrew McCoy
T: 317.237.8338 | F: 317.237.1000 | C: 317.331.7924 


Football Under Construction

So, that’s exactly how Hollett Stadium will look in the fall…

OK…so not the same stands, or crowd, or pressbox, or cheerleaders…but the same kind of field.  That’s right – FieldTurf is on its way.  First game is September 11, 2010.

Really needed a pep talk – Prof. Scott Feller to the rescue!


For a lot of reasons that need no press coverage, I’ve been in need of a good pep talk.  Reasons?  No ask, no tell applies.

Without knowing it, Scott Feller delivered the pep talk…in spades.  Scott’s short talk to the Dallas area alumni on Tuesday night was a home run.  For all of the folks assembled…and especially for me.

Scott’s personality, enjoyment of teaching, and closeness to our students came shinning through.  He clearly articulated how rewarded he felt when he witnessed our guys working hard and learning…the work and the learning at levels his students probably never dreamed.  It was clear to everyone that we were seeing another Wabash faculty legend in the making.

Now, the Grunge will stop short of ever taking a chemistry course but this is for certain – Scott Feller’s students get much more than a chemistry lesson – they get guidance for a lifelong quest for learning and a roadmap for being a better man.

A bargain at twice the price.

Senior Cookout a Big Success

Every year the Annual Giving office and the alumni board co-host a senior steak dinner on the Friday evening of Commencement.  It’s a fun, informal event and the alumni board members get a chance to welcome the seniors into the alumni fold.  

It’s also the wrap up for the Senior Gift Campaign and this year almost 100 seniors pledges nearly $10,000 to the college as their way of giving back.

In the photo new class agent Gary James ’10 shares a light moment with classmates and alumni board and faculty member Scott Himsel ’85.


Alumni Board Unveils New Recruiting Poster

Alumni board member Brad Johnson ’71 looks on as the board’s recruiting committee unveils a prototype of a recruiting poster designed for alumni to display in their workplaces.  After a multi-year development cycle working closely with the Admissions office, the project is now in the hands of the board members and they’ll provide the feedback necessary to optimize the project.

It says: "I love my community.  I love my job.  And I love my college.  Find out why Wabash College could be right for you.  From me."


The LAST Mud Hollow Baseball Game

I had the opportunity to attend the last Wabash baseball game played in Mud Hollow.  No it wasn’t an NCAA or NCAC championship game – it was better than that.

Wabash baseball alumni got together for a double header to relive those memories one more time and to say so long to the field.  Coach Cory Stevens and his entire staff took part…and a great day was had by all.

I almost felt like an intruder…and I am pretty sure I saw Kevin Costner there as well!

The smile on Scott Smalstig’s face says it all…

And here’s one for the memories…

It's Tough, But Someone Has To Do It.

Want to know what I "had" to do yesterday afternoon for 90 minutes?  Click here.

Yes, that time was spent helping select the wines for the 2010 Big Bash.  Someone had to do it and I didn’t have a meeting the rest of the afternoon – although I had a no-notice one at 5:15 PM.

What I know about wines you can put in Howard Hewitt’s ballpoint pen cap…and have room left over.  But, as he suggests, we all came to basically the same conclusion.  WIne lovers and Grunge…what a combination.  I was also able to further my theory that a nicely designed label has a lot to do with it…but that’s another story.

I am confident you’ll enjoy the wines…we need you to be here, though, for the full effect!