Cal Black '66 Joins Beta Board

Cal Black ’66 has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation. The Beta Theta Pi Foundation provides hundreds of academic and leadership scholarships to deserving undergraduate members annually. In addition, the Foundation underwrites comprehensive year-round leadership training and educational programs and grants funds to construct educational facilities in chapter houses.

Cal, a former Trustee of the College, serves Wabash as the Director Of Development, responsible for all fundraising efforts at the College.

Congratulations, Cal!!!

Tom Wilson '78 Quoted in Wall Street Journal

IU-Indianapolis Law Professor Lloyd “Tom” Wilson, Wabash class of 1978, was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Tom’s a noted expert on predatory lending and real estate transfer, finance and development.

Tom’s also taught extensively in Europe, including business and commercial law courses to Hungarian MBA students. In his “spare” time, Tom also serves as the secretary, American Association of Law Schools, Section on Real Estate Transactions.

Congratulations Tom!

Parking 101 Needed In Curriculum?

So, imagine our collective surprise as we came to work this morning. †Right in the middle of the lane where we all park was a Jeep. In park. Right there. Didn’t roll back. Placed where it couldn’t get a door ding, for sure.

Maybe we need to add parking 101 as a course? In the spirit of the liberal arts, of course! 

Welcome Back Sophomores!

Last night alumni from Indianapolis and the local area gathered to welcome several members of the sophomore class back to campus.

The dinner, part of the LEAD program (Linking Education and Alumni Development) is designed to combine a free meal with an introduction to the privileges and responsibilities of being an alumnus.

Ben Seib ’02 served as the speaker for the evening, tying his own experiences of the past five years with his experiences as a student.

Why sophomores? They have met the requirements to be considered full members of the National Association of Wabash Men when their class graduates.

The great weather really hurt attendance but we still had a sizeable portion of the class in attendance.

Photo: Craig Green ’59 makes a point with a current student and President White looks on.

The Calm Before The … Race

This shot is right before the start of the annual Charlie Finch ’51 Memorial Alumni Cross Country Meet. †The two opposing teams, the alumni on the left and the current team on the right, are huddling with last minute words of encouragement. As the current team broke the huddle, they chanted something like “Red Pack”.†

The alumni team, understanding that everything before the race has an impact, positive or negative, on the other team, broke the huddle with a resounding “We passed Comps!”


For a few more photos, click here.

Construction Updates

Construction is well underway on the new Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. This new complex will sit on the ground where Kingery used to be.

The Delt house construction goes on. This view is of the East side of the house. I can’t imagine this is conducive to much studying…but hey…it’s early.


The TKE house, designed for 40 students, will have a pretty small footprint on the site of the old Sigma Chi house. You can see the foundation is well underway – it won’t be long.


Jon Chin '11 – As in 2011

That’s Jon Chin ’11 talking to Coach Mac Petty. Jon’s a very good golfer and that’s an understatement. I’m sure Mac would love to have Jon on the golf team. Only problem? Jon is also a very good tennis player. †Stay tuned for details.

Jon’s the son of classmate Kai Chin ’71. Kai and his lovely wife Charlotte were here on Freshman Saturday to drop Jon off. Proud parents, for sure!

Greg Mahoney '06 Stars on YouTube

Sometimes I just want to feature cool things on the blog. Here’s the report:

“Greg, our finance guy, took up a Hip Hop dance class to have some fun and get some new skills. He took the stage on June 15, 2007 and did a great job. Get out a pen and paper, and take notes. This…is how you Do The Mahoney! “

See the Mahoney featuring our man Greg right here.

Charlie's Wabash Flag Climbs Mt. Fuji

This report comes in from Charlie Crowley ’70:

My son Chad just forwarded this picture. He’s on the summit of Japan’s Mt. Fuji which he climbed about ten days ago. He carried my Wabash climbing flag†with him. It’s been on a few summits over the years, including Mt. Rainier (climbed with my son last summer) and the Matterhorn (climbed on a Wabash alumni tour of Switzerland). I didn’t get to join him on his vacation trip to Japan, but he made sure the “Scarlet Banner” flew! By the way, don’t look for this particular item in the Bookstore. My wife Mary sewed it by hand several years ago.

Thought I’d fill that appetite for football, just a little, with a few shots of practice last Friday. You might notice that some helmets have “Ws” and others do not. If the guys passed their 12 minute run, they have a “W”. If not…well..more opportunity awaits!

The linemen look pretty big…but of course everyone is saying that at every school. Pretty sure the “bleep” test wasn’t designed for offensive or defensive linemen.

Can’t wait for football season!

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