You Can Open a Door…or Finish the Walkway

This picture is all about Wabash. One of our pathways lacks a single brick.

It’s one of the many brick pathways on campus. There are two approaches to this very slight imperfection. One is to say that the path is at least 99% complete and functions just fine the way it is.

The other approach is to say, simply, that one more brick will make the pathway complete. Useable. Safe. Let’s go find another brick. Let’s go do what it takes to make the pathway as much of a safe and unimpeded journey as it is a functional travel route. One more brick…that’s all it takes. Let’s go get another brick. That’s the Wabash way.

Please, as the fiscal year draws to a close, help us make sure we can get that brick. That extra microscope. Fund that immersion trip. Grant that scholarship. Open that door for a Wabash man.

Wabash men helping Wabash men – with the journey and with the destination. Why? Because that’s in our DNA as Wabash guys…

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For you regular readers, please do me a favor. Click on your class honor roll (here) and check for all your friends. If they are on there, great. If not, call one or two of them. Ask them to join you. One or two…for your Alma Mater.

Phil Gutwein '96 Appointed to Board

Phil Gutwein, Wabash Class of 1996, has been named to the Indiana Benefits Conference board of directors.

An associate at Baker & Daniels, Gutwein concentrates his legal practice in employment benefits law, representing employers and fiduciaries in plan design, tax and benefits law compliance, executive compensation and benefits litigation.

Congratulations Phil!

Charlie Lytle '53 Elected to Leadership Position

Dr. Charles Lytle (’53) has been elected president of the North Carolina Academy of Science. Charlie has previously served the academy in several positions, including seven years as Executive Director of the NC Student Academy of Science, an organization that promotes research experiences for middle and high school students.

He is a past president of the National Association of Academies of Science, the North Carolina State University chapter of Sigma Xi, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is a Professor of Zoology, Coordinator of Biology Outreach Programs, and Director of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Program at NC State in Raleigh where he has taught for the past 38 years.

Congrats Charlie!

Mark Stuaan '78 Receives Appointment

Barnes & Thornburg Partner and Wabash College class agent Mark Stuaan was recently appointed by the president of the Seventh Circuit Bar Association to serve as general chair of the Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure for 2007-2008.

Stuaan is a member of the firm’s Litigation Department as well as the Appellate and White Collar Crime practice groups. He focuses his practice in white collar criminal defense, and represents and advises clients in connection with civil and criminal matters in state and federal district courts.

Stuaan received his bachelor’s degree from Wabash College in 1978. He earned his law degree from Southern Illinois University in 1981.

Congratulations Mark!


Well, you have two story options here. One is the old Sigma Chi house got tired of being disassembled and took it out on the "attackers"


The crew accidently discovered where the Sigma Chi wine cellar was located…


New Book by Fred Whitmer '69

West LegalWorks has published Fred Whitmer’s new book, Litigation Is War, which describes an application of the strategy of von Clausewitz to litigation strategy. From the review of the book: "Based on Carl von Clausewitz’ On War and other sources, the book describes a comprehensive strategic method for conducting litigation, incorporating numerous illustrative examples from the author’s experience, as well as that of a number of his professional colleagues and clients."

Whitmer is currently a partner and one of the co-chairs of the Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Group at Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner LLP in New York.

Congrats, Fred!

Business Office Takes Summer School ?!?

The Wabash Business Officer has been temporarily relocated to Hays Science Hall, room 319. The entire group is operating in that single room. Larry Griffith, Chief Financial Officer for the College, has his desk in the last row where he can watch the operation in action.

I heard someone say that when several people are on the phone, the buzz level gets pretty intense.

The Business Office area of Center Hall is undergoing renovation and will be finished before our student return to campus in August.

Wonder if they all get credit for Bio 1?

Sadness and Joy

Took this photo this morning, bright and early…

It’s a little sad if you’re a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity as their old digs are demolished. Of course the blow is softened a bit by the existence of their much newer house just a few doors down on Wabash.

It’s joy for those members of the TKE fraternity as the way is cleared for their brand new fraternity house.  As you know, they are moving from their former house on Jennison via the old FIJI house.