Off to Wooster in a couple of hours.  Wooster is always a great place for football and all things football. The Wooster family is a great group, they have  a super campus, and you have to love the band!  But of course, the Bagpipes are what makes the band special.

Bill Starr ’37 told me many years ago we ought to get the Wooster band to make the trip to Crawfordsville and be the half time show whenever we play Wooster in Hollett Stadium.  I am still not quite there, but I look forward to the trip to Wooster and the chance to see those guys come over the hill.  If you haven’t been there, make the trip!

Of course, the best part of it all is the football.  And there, as much as I like Wooster, I LOVE Wabash.  I expect us to win convincingly.