In your mailbox is a letter – President White’s photo is on the cover.

That letter talks of Wabash in the Fall of 2009 and introduces you to the Class of 2013. 

Sure, you’ll see several from Indianapolis, Indiana…always have and always will.  But you’ll also see: Chatsworth, CA; Owasso, OK; Nanjing, China; Tucson, AZ; Flossmoor, IL; Hanoi, Vietnam; Kathmandu, India; Cedar Hills, TX; Madison, WI; Nairobi, Kenya; Dhaka, Bangladesh; and even that far away place called Crawfordsville, Indiana!  

They WERE 250 young men on a journey – they are now 250 Wabash men on a journey.

Their world is substantially different than ours…but one thing remains the same.  The education – it will be worth it!

Photos:  Top and bottom of the letter.  Yes, I purposely left the names out of focus so you would look the letter over and, if so inclined, support these young men with a gift to our Wabash.