Monon Bell Telecast Party Sites

If you have been wondering where you’ll catch the Monon Bell Telecast on November 14, 2009, wonder no more.  

The locations can all be found on the Wabash web site – simply click here.  You can get all the party details along with driving directions.

Now there’s simply no excuse for missing the BIG game.

Get That Bell!

Wabash Community Service to the Next Level

For the last few years, the Alumni Board of Wabash has led a community service effort called WABASH Day (or weekend).  In this case WABASH stands for Wabash Alumni Benefitting and Serving Humanity.  This past year we had several projects around the country with about 200 alumni participating.

One group has taken the Wabash concept of community service to the next level.  The Kansas City Association of Wabash men volunteers every quarter at Harvesters Community Food Bank.  Harvesters is truly a community self-help effort and there’s no better times than these for our guys to step up.

Many thanks to our Wabash group in Kansas City and to their leader Michael Cummings – talk about living Wabash’s mission statement!   


You and Your Wabash Get Up

A famous alumnus, code named "Wabco", has proposed the blog switch to featuring Wabash fans in their favorite Wabash apparel before our football games.  So, starting on Thursday, I’ll post photos of you in your Wabash get-up.  Simply send me a good photo of you, your family, your friends, etc., and I’ll post them on the Grunge report.

Make sure to include name, class year, where the photo was taken, and your guess at the score of the Bell game.  Email to

Here’s Wabco’s test submission…

Full House – In Many Respects

Now, that’s a FULL HOUSE.  Of course, we expect a full house when the Little Giants take on the Tigers on November 14, 2009.

You need to know – over 50% of the Wabash tickets have already been sold.

There simply are no excuses good enough to come close to supporting a "Well, I just don’t have tickets because…"

So, make plans now to:
1.  Be at the Bell game.
2.  Be at the Witt game tomorrow and get the Bell game tickets while you’re here.



Robert Beasley '76 Opens New Law Practice


Bob Beasley, Class of 1976, has started his own law firm in Muncie, Indiana. The practice will focus on family and business law matters.

Beasley will remain general counsel and director of business affairs for Paws Incorporated, the licensing and creative studio for the comic character Garfield.

A lifelong resident of Muncie, Beasley was a partner at the firm Beasley Gilkison Retherford Buckles and Clark. 

Bob is currently president-elect and a member of the board of directors for the Indiana Bar Foundation and is involved in several community organizations, including the Easter Seals and Big Brother/Big Sister.

Good luck, Bob, on this new venture!


Wabash vs. Witt. This Saturday – Be Here

Saturday – 1:00 PM kickoff – Wittenberg University at Wabash for football.

Students on fall break – plenty of seats in the Hollett House.

Both teams 5-0.

Witt has top ranked defense in the nation in D-III and the "O" puts a lot of points on the board.

Wabash has a very good "D" as well and some serious offensive firepower with multiple running backs and what seems like 84 wide receivers.

Should be a great game.  Yep, it will be broadcast on the web…but…this is probably the title game for the NCAC and a trip to the playoffs.  You can sit at home with your Dell or MacBook Pro…or you can be right here…yelling your head off and cheering the Little Giants to victory.

See you Saturday…

Wabash Alumnus To Be Keynote Speaker

Our own Dr. Richard Gunderman, Wabash Class of 1983, will be the keynote speaker for the upcoming I-CASE (Indiana Council for the Advancement and Support of Education) workshop.  Dr. Gunderman is a physician, faculty member, and expert on Philanthropy – he has an MD and PhD from the University of Chicago.  He teaches at Indiana University – check out this title!

Associate Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Education, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, and Philanthropy  

Talk about someone with a true liberal arts background!


Fall Is Upon Us

My experience has been that the maples always fight to the bitter end to change colors but along the way thy produce some neat colors.

This picture is the "light pole" special. If you are one of the faithful 9, you’ll seen it featured before.

Take the zoom, stand on the Alumni office porch, and fire across the street.  Great solution on a rainy day like today.  Body doesn’t get wet but even more important the camera and lens stay dry.

As you can see, fall is here.  I’ll try to get out and about next week for some shots around campus…