Shawn Crane '81 Appointed Judge in Florida

From a press release—

Shawn Crane was one of two appointments made by the Florida governor to fill two vacancies on the Pinellas-Pasco Circuit. He will replace former Pasco Circuit Judge John Renke III.

"Where they send me is obviously up to the chief judge," Crane said. "I certainly welcome the opportunity to come to Pasco County."

Crane’s family moved from New Jersey when he was about 12. After graduating from Gulf High in 1977, he went on to Wabash College in Indiana and then Stetson University College of Law. He graduated in 1983 and went to work for the State Attorney’s Office.

Shawn’s son Shawn is also a Wabash man – Class of 2009!


Had the chance to roam the football sidelines last weekend – practiced taking pictures of the game. (Took 350-ish, kept 12 or so!!!)

In the process, caught this picture of Coach Chris Creighton. I love that look – pure concentration. You know, the only place he’d rather be is on the field!


Football Concessions – Behind the Scenes

Buried under the home side seats in Hollett Little Giant Stadium is the concession operation. Cokes, coffee, hot dogs, popcorn – you can find it all right here.

One thing to keep in mind – all the $$$ collected goes toward a Charity. So, next time you’re down there, make sure you ask who we’re helping that week and, if you so desire, leave the change. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll feel good!

Coach Mary Skelton

Mary SkeltonFootball Coach – Perfect Record – 1-0!!!

That’s right – Coach Mary Skelton. Mary was the coach of the week for the game against Ohio Wesleyan University today and she came away with a victory, 42-28. For those of you who don’t yet know Mary, she’s one of the top performers in our Admissions office. Mary’s responsible for working all student campus visits and she does a wonderful job.

Congrats Coach!

Homecoming – Great Time to Visit

So, you’re already planning on coming back to campus for Homecoming 2006. After all, from Chapel Sing through the Homecoming Concert it’s fun for all alumni.

Are you bringing your family back? †If so, do you have a son who should get a good look at Wabash while you’re here? †If so, you should know Admissions has a visit day program scheduled for Friday, October 6, 2006. While you’re looking in at the fraternity, spending some time with faculty members or a coach, or spending mega-bucks at the Bookstore, your son can get a good look at all Wabash has to offer. Make plans now…don’t miss this golden opportunity.

For more information on the Admissions visit day, click here.

V-12 Program Returning to Wabash…For A Weekend

Several Wabash alumni who were here in the V-12 program during World War II are making their way back to campus this weekend. Their mini-reunion is called "Just Because" and that’s just because they can!

Picture above with Trustee John Fox ’64 is Dutch Freise, class agent for the Class of 1948 and the brains behind the reunion. Dutch is really looking forward to getting together with his Navy friends…and probably giving this old retired AF guy some grief.

While there are a lot of things I could say about the Navy…I’ll keep those to myself. Dutch and his friends attended Wabash and served our country during the toughest of times. Join me in saluting each and every one…

Photo: From the 2005 pre-game tailgate at the Monon Bell game.

Two Wabash "Classics"

Took this picture at the IAWM-sponsored new faculty reception last Friday night.  That’s Peter Pactor ’65, on the left, talking to Wabash Classics professor Joe Day.

Both Peter and Joe enjoy teaching- Peter teaches at a private high school in Fort Worth.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get close enough to determine if Peter and Joe were conversing in Latin!

Class Agent Leaders

The Wabash College Society of Class Agents held their annual Forum on campus this past weekend. Class agents traveled from all over the United States to attend their annual awards dinner and for the opportunity to meet Wabash’s new president Pat White, his lovely wife Chris, and Dean of the College Gary Phillips.

Two class agents, Scott Himsel ’85 and Jon Pactor ’71, members of the Society’s executive committee, planned and executed the entire weekend.

Scott Himsel (top photo), is an attorney with the Indianapolis firm of Baker and Daniels. Scott also teaches here at Wabash – a "second job" he finds extremely rewarding.

Jon Pactor (bottom photo) is also an attorney in Indianapolis. †He has been described by several members of the Wabash community as "ubiquitous". I am not quite sure what that big word means, but I know Jon can be in several Wabash places at once.

Our thanks to Scott and Jon for a great Class Agent Forum!

Small World

Vaino Grayam, class agent for the Class of 1955, returned to campus this past weekend for the Class Agent Forum. He also attended the IAWM-sponsored reception for new Wabash faculty on Friday, September 15, 2006.

I happened to overhear Professor Jane Hardy, who recently joined the faculty and teaches Spanish, talking about her father, Charlie Hardy, Wabash class of…you guessed it…1955.

Hopefully Vaino didn’t share too many secrets about Charlie with his daughter!

Chapel Sing – A Few Short Weeks Away

Interesting how things work out…

As Homecoming rapidly approaches, I received the picture above from David Smith ’77. This is a picture from the fall of 1973 showing the Beta pledge class singing their hearts out at Chapel Sing.

I recognize a current class agent for the class in the photo…and I bet some of those guys would like to have some of that hair back…

The Class of 1977 will celebrate their 30th reunion this coming spring at the Big Bash of 2007.  Meanwhile back to this fall…the Class of 2010 will be singing at Homecoming…

Think about that…the Class of 2010.


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