Tough to see, I know.  That’s the Wooster band coming down the hill before the start of Saturday’s game.  

Yes, I like the band a lot and the bagpipes are special, no doubt.  But this is a Wabash blog, right?

There are several Wabash connections to Wooster:
Dr. Scott Douglas ’84 – his daughter attends Wooster and plays in the band.
Michael Lambert ’80 – he was proudly wearing his Wabash sweatshirt at the game.  It was Wooster’s Parent’s Weekend.  His son is a freshman there.
Dr. John Roberts ’83 – his son is a Wooster student. 
Coach Mac Petty – Wooster is his home town.
Dwight and Jamie Watson – their son Evan is a Wooster graduate and was an outstanding defensive end for the Scots.

So, there’s a Wabash connection here…and, did I mention, I like their band?