Wabash and Wooster

Tough to see, I know.  That’s the Wooster band coming down the hill before the start of Saturday’s game.  

Yes, I like the band a lot and the bagpipes are special, no doubt.  But this is a Wabash blog, right?

There are several Wabash connections to Wooster:
Dr. Scott Douglas ’84 – his daughter attends Wooster and plays in the band.
Michael Lambert ’80 – he was proudly wearing his Wabash sweatshirt at the game.  It was Wooster’s Parent’s Weekend.  His son is a freshman there.
Dr. John Roberts ’83 – his son is a Wooster student. 
Coach Mac Petty – Wooster is his home town.
Dwight and Jamie Watson – their son Evan is a Wooster graduate and was an outstanding defensive end for the Scots.

So, there’s a Wabash connection here…and, did I mention, I like their band? 

  1. We, too, are Wooster parents (our son, Ted, Woo ’08, swam for the Fighting Scots all four years). Also, the Dallinger’s son, Greg, went there and Madeline Bennett (daughter of Larry and Nancy) is a senior at Wooster now.

  2. Ansley Valentine (Wabash ’90) is a professor in the Theatre Dept. at Wooster

  3. Bob Kissling, ' 73

    Our daughter Anne is a 2005 Wooster graduate, so we saw the Wooster band numerous times and never tired of hearing the pipers play “Scotland the Brave” as they marched down the hill to the football stadium. Anne knew Greg Dallinger well because they were both members of the “Personal Foul” dance team that performed at Wooster basketball games.