Captain Jim Lisher '01 – Reporting In From Iraq

Captain Jim Lisher, Class of 2001 (r) , just checked in with me a few moments ago.  Jim is serving us – all of us –  as the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate with the 322 Air Expeditionary Wing in Iraq. 

This picture shows Jim and a couple of co-workers with three of the original Tuskegee airmen who made the trip to Iraq to be there for a special Air Force function.  Those three gentlemen flew in WWII… and they all look younger than the Grunge!

Jim reports things are going well.  That’s great news for all of us.

We’re sure lucky to have bright and talented young men out there like Jim.  

Wish I could be there… the flight suit still fits.

This is blog #859 on my way to 1,000…only 141 to go.

Want To Appeal – Call Matthew Symons '04

Matthew Symons ’04 has been appointed to the Indianapolis and Marion County Zoning Board of Appeals by the Council of Indianapolis and Marion County.

If you are going to appeal something, please wait until after the 2009 edition of the Big Bash because we’d really like to see Matthew back on campus then.

For a link to the story, click here.




Make that DR. Matt Loesch '01

We received word that Matt Loesch ’01 recently earned his PhD. from the Medical College of Wisconsin.  Matt has an AB from Wabash (Chemistry) and a Masters from IUPUI. 

Next for Matt?  Well, medical school of course!  But he’s decided warmer weather – he’s headed to Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona!

Congratulations Matt!

(Photo courtesy of the Medical College of Wisconsin)





Big Bash – My Favorite Part

My favorite part of the entire weekend of the Big Bash is Chapel Sing.  Most returning alumni don’t feel the same way…until it’s over.  

Chapel Sing is such a rite of passage – part of the fabric that makes a Wabash education more of an experience and less of a classroom drill.  It’s great to see these guys come back and sing with passion – even if they occasionally need to read from some notes to remember the words.

For those guys who need a little refresher, we have the words typed up and will hand them out at registration.  Not quite discrete – printed on hot pink paper!

What It's All About


We’re a little north of 330 guys registered for the 2009 edition of the Big Bash.  If those numbers hold, and we gain a few, it will be the second largest reunion weekend in history. 

Yes we have been working hard and yes we’ve been working with some good volunteers for over a year.  The reason we do this is for what you see in the picture…Smlies…

That makes it all worthwhile.

Hold on…phone ringing…"didn’t know the registration day had come and gone"…"sure, we can fit you in if you call TODAY"…

Another call "Hey, evidently there’s a reunion coming up – is it this weekend?" (This JUST came in…)


Look for Wabash College – At Notre Dame

That’s a screen shot of the home page of the Notre Dame web site (  There’s Wabash!  

During the Honorary Degree Recipients Luncheon, President White kidded Father Malloy about Wabash beating ND in football in 1905.  When Father Malloy had his chance he told everyone the real reason for his trip was to schedule the next game.  They have an open date in 2012!

At the end of his talk, Father Malloy mentioned the Monon Bell game and stated he’d be cheering for Wabash and not that other school.  You gotta’ love that.  That other school has a Domer for a president!

Father Ed "Monk" Malloy – we are glad to call you a fellow Little Giant!

Diplomas…and Promise

I am always drawn to the rows of diplomas all neatly lined up.  Someday I hope to find a perfect way to photograph them.  Not close yet, not even close.

They all look exactly the same…but we know they are all different.  Each is personalized and many have extra Latin words like "Magna Cum Laude".  Mine says "Magna Cum Lucky"…I figured it was an honest spelling error.

But they are all the same as well.  
– All record achievement.  Same achievement, an AB from Wabash.
– All issue a challenge.  Take the degree and make a difference.  
– All indicate a member of the community.  Wabash alumnus.

At the end of the ceremony, the rack is empty…the way it should be.  Achievements noted and challenges accepted.  And we’ll begin watching the Class of 2009 as they turn education into action.

A Long-Standing Group – The Faculty Davids

Took this right before Commencement.  It’s that group we’ve heard about – the Faculty Davids.

David Timmerman, David Blix, David Krohne, David Maharry, David Polley, David Kubiak, David Hadley, and David Phillips.

Now, the rumor is there used to be a yearly competition to see who were the more numerous, the faculty Davids or the female population on the faculty.

Insider’s tip:  It won’t be close for the coming year…

 Only 149 Grunge Report blogs to go

A Couple More of the Weekend

Some of my other photos from the weekend.  Not the usual shots, maybe, but some person favorites none-the-less.

Thanks Mom and Dad…THANKS!

Diplomas and roses.  Diplomas for these young men, celebrating four years of hard work and signaling the beginning of a new stage in their lives.  A rose to thank that special someone…

What did we do before we had digital cameras?  We took the shots and then we prayed a lot.


 Only 150 Grunge Report blogs to go

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