Mark Miles '76 – Indy's New Super Bowl Star

Mark Miles, Wabash Class of 1976, will lead the Indianapolis effort to get a Super Bowl at the new Lucas Oil stadium in 2012.

Mark is currently president and CEO of Central Indiana Corporate Partners.

Mark will be responsible for leading the research and data collection effort as well as making the Indianapolis presentation to the NFL owners.

Congrats Mark!

Good Morning Colorado!

Took the picture earlier this morning.  The mountains are just becoming visible above the building as the sun paints the clouds with interesting colors.  It only lasts a few minutes…

We had a great event last night. Beautiful location, great food (Maggianos, which is to say enough to feed twice as many people!), great Wabash friends, and did I mention the scenery? We had people drive quite a ways to meet the new president and first lady.

Headed for the airport – Indiana is calling.  Of course, it’s a balmy 6 degrees there right now!



Jared Grigsby '01 – Half The Man He Once Was

Jared files this report.

“After working in Crawfordsville for six years after my undergrad career, I moved to Muncie, Ind., on January 6, 2008, and am pursuing a Masters of Arts in journalism with an emphasis on literary journalism. I’m working as a graduate assistant for NewsLink Indiana, where I manage Web content, edit Web stories, edit and post Web video, and instruct undergrads on improving their broadcast script writing (

Before leaving Crawfordsville, I spent two years working on achieving a healthy lifestyle. After topping the scales at over 350 pounds in 2006, I knew something needed change in my life. Spending countless hours in the Wabash Allen Center and adopting healthy eating habits, I successfully dropped a little more than half of my former self, now weighing a healthy 175 pounds and exercising daily.”

Congrats Jared!

Prunier and Prunier – It's Family Chemistry

That’s Steven Prunier ’09 and his father Mike ’72 at Friday’s Celebration of Student Research. Steven was presenting on his research on the use of non-metallic chemical compounds for chemical reactions requiring a pure output (OK – that’s a fighter pilot translation, to be sure!)

Mike Prunier said that’s exactly where the field is headed and he should know – he is a research chemist!

I came away impressed by Steven’s ability and admiring the strong connection and love of chemistry between father and son. I also came away proud that our guys are doing this level of research. They’re exploring things of critical importance to the future of chemical research.

Beers and Careers – Now You're Talking

Beers and Careers – now that’s just about perfect for a bunch of Wallys!

In a unique partnership between the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men (Alumni Association), the Schroeder Center for Career Development, and the Sphinx Club, today’s TGIF focused on career networking. The Phi Psi fraternity served as the venue and the NAWM board provided the sage career advice. It was just the kind of informal program that allows our guys to ask questions of our alumni who have been out there in the “real world”.

Many thanks to Greg Jania ’93 (alumni board member), Scott Crawford and Betsy Knott of the SCC, and the entire Sphinx Club for making the event possible.

Photo: Khurram Tahir ’01, a member of the alumni board (right), talks with two Wabash students about their careers.

Tim Guiden '82 – On To Second Career

Tim Guiden ’82 retired after 21 years with the Air Force and has moved to God’s country–Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin–according to his report.

After a career as an Air Force lawyer, he’s really made a switch – taking a job with one of my alma maters, St. Lawrence Seminary, a residential high school seminary for Catholic young men. He’s the Director of Admissions, Marketing and Alumni Affairs. (Wow!)

Tim’s family will make the move after son Pete graduates from high school.

Didn’t take him long to grow a lot of extra hair! †Wish you the best Tim!


Joven '89 Running for Judge

Jim Joven, Wabash Class of 1989, is running for Marion County Circuit Court Judge.

Jim is an experienced attorney and has practiced law in Indiana since 1992. Jim has worked in private practice for a number of years, and he has devoted much of his career to public service. Jim currently sits as Judge of the Marion County Small Claims Court in the Lawrence Township Division. Before that, Jim was the Indiana Securities Commissioner from 2003 to 2005. And, as a Deputy Attorney General from 2001 to 2003, Jim was the coordinating attorney for the team that defended the Indiana Telephone Privacy Act – the law that created the No-Call List. 

Good luck Jim!

(Information from press release.)

Just send my stuff!

Taken through the window of Maddy’s room a little bit ago…Pike’s Peak in the background and barely a cloud in the sky.  You can just send my stuff out here….

Wait a minute?  I’ll be back here in a little over a week for a Wabash dinner with President and Mrs. White. (Actually Denver, not C. Springs.) So, hold off on shipping me out for now…

Will be back on campus on Thursday and promise to return to Wabash news.  Maybe we’ll have a new football coach by then? πŸ™‚

Grunge (GaBunge) In Colorado Springs

Sorry I haven’t made a post for a couple of days – Carol and the Grunge have driven a Penske to Colorado from Indiana.

No Colorado pics yet – it was 40 mile an hour winds and blowing snow when we arrived…

Jeremy and the kids have moved into a new house and we’re helping them get settled WHILE performing Maximum Spoilage on the grandkids.

We’ll be back next week…I’ll try to post a couple of pics along the way…†

These Guys Are Good!

Check it out…you can read about the newest Arch on campus here.

It certainly looks like it’s real.

We actually had guys walking around it rather than under it.

It generated a lot of conversation.

As you can see in this close up, Nick Roudebush ’09 and Kevin Wasie ’09 did a great job making the Arch. It looks just like the others on campus.

Nick and Kevin – early “Distinction” on Art Comps is my vote!!!



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