Big Bash 2006 – Featuring The New FIJI House

The brand new, never lived in, unbelievable FIJI house will receive some visitors this weekend, I am sure.  Not only that, but the architect for the project, Jim Riddle ’86, will be on campus and will be presenting a session, with classmate Eric Rowland ’86, on designing fraternity houses.

For more on the 2006 Big Bash, click here.

The Big Bash – My Favorites

The 2006 version of the Big Bash is just around the corner.  We get a lot of help from our friends around campus – we couldn’t do it without a great team.  However, a lot of the work is done by three key people – Mike Warren ’93, Michele Tatar, and Heather Bazzani.  They really make the weekend come together.

I have two favorite parts of the Bash.  The first is the Chapel Sing Competition.  Our guys, in friendly competition, take turns belting out the words to "Old Wabash".  I can’t begin to describe how neat it is to watch – you just have to see it for yourself.

The other part that’s equally fun to watch is the casual conversations – by couples, classmates, friends.  We purposely don’t plan every minute – those empty minutes more than take care of themselves.

Big Bash 2006 – the best Bash yet!     



The Grunge in Student Mode

I was on my way the other day to see our Computer Services team, who do an outstanding job, by the way. Their offices are in the bottom floor of Baxter Hall.

Interesting feelings for an old guy like me as I rounded the corner from the first floor classrooms to the faculty and staff offices.  Heart rate increases a little, palms get sweaty, eyes start darting around.  Only one explanation – right back in student mode.

I half expected Economics professors Bill Bonifield or Steve Schmutte to come around the corner and ask me why my paper was late or how my Econ. independent study project was coming along.

I loved studying Economic here.  What made it special were special teachers – like Schmutte, like Bonifield, and like the professor who helped me find my way – Robin Pebworth.  They have all moved on…sort of.  They’re also all here…for me.

See you Tuesday…have a safe weekend.

Class of 1956 – Class of 2006

Less than two weeks ago, the Class of 2006 graduated, packed up, and left campus to change the world.  In a little over a week, the Class of 1956 will return to campus for their 50th Reunion.

22 year olds with their whole lives and dreams in front of them…

70-somethings returning to relive their student days and trade stories of a life well-lived and dreams fulfilled…

Wabash College – changing civilization one small step at a time…

It Takes A …v…Team

We’re expecting over 300 alumni, and over 500 total guests, next weekend for the 2006 Big Bash.  The 2006 Bash will be our biggest reunion ever – at least as far back as we could see.  We’ll welcome back an alumnus from the Class of 1939 and a very recent alumna from the class of 2006, Anne Ford H’06!

Getting ready for that kind of a crowd takes a lot of work and the Advancement team came together this morning to help us build the reunion packets. 

Many thanks go out to our friends in Advancement for their help this morning – Joe, Klen ’97, Roger Busch ’96, Rhonda Maynor, Guyanna Spurway, Mona Clouse, Steve Charles, Mike Warren ’93, Michele Tatar, Heather Bazzani, David Troutman, Nathan Bates ’07 (the Annual Fund’s summer intern), and Scott Fendley’88.  Without their help, we’d still be putting those together!


Top photo:  Mona Clouse and Guy Spurway numbering plates for the reunion pictures while Roger Busch, Steve Charles, Heather Bazzani, and Mike Warren assemble packets.

Above right:  The photographer caught Rhonda Maynor in the middle of a smile as she assembled reunion packets.

Bottom right: Mona Clouse and Guy Spurway making the paper plates for the reunion pictures…don’t ask, it’s a very special plate!  


Two Difference Makers

While we’re on a mini-theme of "Thank You" on the blog, I’d like to highlight two real difference makers.

That’s Heather Bazzani (l) and Michele Tatar of the Alumni and Parent Relations Office working yet another on-campus event.  Heather and Michele perform a myriad of tasks as the office prepares for on and off-campus events throughout the year. They keep the College’s alumni and parents data base up to speed, they prepare and mail class agent letters, invitations, and other correspondence, they take RSVPs for events, and Michele authors The Parents Post, our on-line eNewsletter for parents.

In short, they take care of all the details so that our alumni and parents can sit back and enjoy Wabash events and stay tuned to the latest Wabash news.

Heather and Michele aren’t alone -we have several talented folks who really make a difference here.  More on those folks in the future, but certainly time now to recognize Heather and Michele for their excellent work.

Thanks Dean Williams!

Last year, Dean of the College Mauri Ditzler ’75 accepted the offer to become a college president at Monmouth.  President Andy Ford H’03 picked recently-retired Raymond Williams H’68 to come out of retirement and fill this critical position while a nationwide search for a new Dean was conducted.

Raymond has done a great job at a very important point in the College’s history.  He expertly used his knowledge of the entire spectrum of Wabash’s operations to help lead the College forward.  Ever a model of a true gentleman, Raymond conquered the challenge, enjoying it immensely, but looks forward to "re-retiring" in the near future.

Thanks Raymond for all you have done and continue to do for our Wabash.

Thanks Goes A Long Way

My son Chris ’94 flew in for a short visit Friday evening. While waiting for his flight to arrive, I saw a young mother and her four children waiting as well. Something told me her husband was in the military. I was right…Army first lieutenant.

When his flight arrived, those 4 kids were pretty excited…and so was Mom!

In the midst of their reunion, an older lady walked slowly by the group. She looked at the officer and his wife and quietly said "Thank you for serving" to them both.

What a moment!

I thought back to my 26 years…and to the service of many Wabash alumni including General Earl Johnson ’38, Herb Johnson ’67, Paul Cunningham ’67, Jim Roper ’68…and Ethan Olberding ’99. Of course, Jeremy Wright ’96, killed in acton, also came to mind. I hoped they were thanked by someone along the way…it meant so much to this young couple…

and to the Grunge.

Cou's Last Day

Today is Steve Marcou’s (Class of 1993) last day as a member of the Wabash Admissions Staff.  ‘Cou is leaving to pursue a career in personal investments with AXA Advisors.

‘Cou accomplished a great deal during his tenure, taking the Alumni Admissions Volunteer program from its infant stages to a program nationally recognized as one of the leading programs of its kind.

Steve and Amy will remain in Brownsburg and he’ll set up shop in Indianapolis. I’m sure he’ll make the trip back to campus fairly often, especially in the fall!

Thanks ‘Cou, for all you’ve done for Admissions and Wabash!   

Photo:  It’s not a football and he’s not Reggie Bush, but he sure can strike the pose!

"Dad" Creighton

Coach Chris Creighton is a guy who embraces life to its fullest.  Those of you who have had a chance to see him up close during football season know exactly what I mean.  He gives it his all and fully expects the same from his team.

He also takes the same approach to his role as Dad.  Those daughters, Hallie and Kate (born this past March), get as much attention as possible.  I caught him combining football practice, for the trip to Panama, and Dad duties recently.  Look at the smile – same smile after a big win.

Great coach…great Dad.  (And married to a great lady as well!)

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