Bet You Have One Of These At Home…Somewhere

Celebrating Pan-Hel 2007 – all 10 fraternities at Wabash. Same as in your day…the Golden Years of Wabash… Of course my classmates think that was in 1971 and a couple of years before. Others cite the 1980s…still others the 1950s.

Regardless, all of us smile and reflect back at traditions such as Pan-Hel. I was talking with an alumnus from the Class of 1983 just a few minutes ago. I asked how it was in his neck of the woods. He replied that the weather was great – as nice spring day. I reminded him about Pan-Hel this week and he quickly replied: "Wish I could be there!"

Yep – it’s a place that places memories on the edge of your mind for the rest of your life…

This Is A Test!

Took this picture in front of Caleb Mills House. There’s an indication of the fact that Spring is here in the picture.

No it isn’t the short sleeve shirts or the shorts the guys are wearing – that’s standard fare around the campus at all times of the year.

The answer is the flowers. Can mean only one thing – Pan Hel week is here!

Spring Has Sprung!

Just finished one of those mini walks across campus. The "something" tree over near Forest Hall and Caleb Mills is alive with new buds. (It’s a something tree because I am not quite sure of what kind of tree it is – dogwood? But it must be something…so it is!)

I captured a couple of other spring pictures…will put them up in a couple of later installments.

Sure glad I don’t have to contend with spring fever when it’s in the 70s outside and there’s only a few more weeks of class left…

Craig Green '59 – Class Agent and Recruiter

That’s alumnus Craig Green ’59 at the Honor Scholars dinner last Friday. As youcan see, he grabbed the attention of the potential students at his table that night. Alumni play an important role in the weekend as Wabash showcases the College to potential freshmen.

Craig has been active in in FIJI campaign and serves the Class of 1959 as a class agent.

Thanks Craig for all you do for Wabash!††

Cricket On The Wabash Green

Last Friday night, I caught part of the cricket match on the Mall between the Lilly Library and the Hays Science Hall. The batsman has just sent a nice shot off to his left – it will earn a couple of runs.

Check out that non-standard wicket. No sticks here – just a couple of plastic milk crates taped together with a football(!?!) and tape roll providing "just the right amount of ballast".

I played cricket when in England…once…in 1984. Still not sure of any of the rules. "When you’re ‘out’ you can come ‘in’ but if you’ve been ‘in’ and go ‘out’ you can’t come ‘in’ again". Or, something like that…

Cricket is an important part of a liberal arts education, to be sure…

Honors Weekend – Full Team Effort

Honors Weekend is one of the busiest on campus. This year we welcomed over 300 potential students and their families to campus. With an event of this magnitude, everyone pitches in.

Wabash Alumni also travel from some distances to be here. In the picture, Lee Cline ’66, who traveled from Mississippi, talks to a young man about Wabash. In the background is Lee’s lovely wife Betty.

In these days when selecting a college feels to many families like strictly a business decision, it’s refreshing to see many alumni make the discussion a very personal one.

Thanks to Lee, Betty, and all the other alumni who made the trip to be here this past weekend.

Betas Pull Out All The Stops

It’s Honors Weekend. †As you can imagine, all of the fraternity houses are doing a great job of showcasing their particular strengths.

The Betas? Well, from the looks of it, they are now offering penthouse suites for the new class complete with their own sky view of the campus and surrounding area. They are even furnishing folding chairs, it looks like. These guys know how to Rush!

OK…the chairs are left over from the couple of days we had temperatures in the 70s…and it’s 40 right now and the wind is howling.

Andrew Shelton '03 – Entrepreneur Going Places

Andrew Shelton, Wabash 2003, is in the Indiana business news. †In the classic model, Andrew took a business idea, researched it, bounced the idea off of others (including noted businessman Fred Wilson ’69) and took the product from concept to production.

The idea? It’s a backpack that cools your favorite beverage! Andrew’s design is hands free (your back does the work) and includes the ability to grab a beverage from either side of the backpack. Andrew’s "TrackPack" will hold 20 12 ounce beverages.

Read the entire story at:

To find out more information on the TrackPack, click here.

So…the question is sometimes asked: "Is a liberal arts college able to adjust and adapt in the modern day?"  Put another way – can a liberal arts college prepare someone for a state-of-the-art career?

Of course, we are always quick to reply. And I wanted to offer some proof. I could have looked for curriculum changes and other academic signs that Wabash is indeed meeting all the modern day needs of our students. However, I wanted something more. I wanted something that stated, really stated, that the entire campus community is involved in keeping the entire Wabash experience as modern as possible.

Then the light came on, so to speak.

I visited Center Hall, which has stood on the same site since Columbus discovered America or there about, and took a photo of the small porch on the east side. This entry way is so classic, so timeless, so Wabash.

Upon closer inspection? Checkout the state-of-the-art light bulb. Need I say more?

Alkermes Names Broecker President and CEO

Biotechnology company Alkermes Inc. said Monday David Broecker, Wabash ’83, will become president and chief executive effective April 1 as part of its management succession plan.

Broecker is currently president and chief operating officer. He succeeds Richard F. Pops, who becomes chairman.

You can learn more about the company at

Congrats Dave!