The Stories It Could Tell

Took this photo at the Celebrating Scholarships Luncheon this past weekend.  This young man, Daniel King ’10 who has his own blog, is a Sphinx Club Pledge – affectionately known as a Rhyne.

Later in the semester he’ll earn the coveted pot of a full member.  You’ve seen them – white pot with the black ring.  But for now, he’s easliy identified by what’s left of his rhynie pot. The pot’s get passed down from one pledge class to another.  After all, it’s a tradition.

Can you imagine the stories that pot could tell?  How many guys have passed that down?  What are they doing now?  Bet they remember their time as a pledge….and their time at Wabash.

Brotherhood is special – pass it on.

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More Washington, D.C. Super Lawyers

According to informed White House sources, Wabash has at least two more graduates on the Super Lawyer list for the year.  Both of these super lawyers are partners in heavy-hitting legal powerhouses.

David Kendall ’66 (left) is a partner with the firm of Williams and Connolly in Washington. DC.  David’s educational stops included Wabash, Oxford, and Yale!  His bio can be found on the firm’s web site.  It refers to the fact that he was arrested several times, but convicted only once, while working to register voters in the South in 1964.

Many will remember him as President Clinton’s personal lawyer.

Greg Castanias ’87 (right), a partner in the firm of Jones Day,  is another exceptional lawyer.  The firm of Jones Day operates around the world, literally.  While Greg is based in Washington, there are also offices in Brussels, Dubai, and Beijing.  Greg currently serves as the president of the alumni board for the IU Law School in Bloomington.  You can read more about Greg here.

If you ever get into any legal trouble in Washington, we have you covered!


George Patton '84 Names Super Lawyer


The  firm of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP has announced that Wabash alumnus George Patton ’84 has been named a Washington DC Super Lawyer for 2009.

Only five percent of all attorneys in the Washington area are named to the list. Super Lawyers is a listing of lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.

Patton is co-chair of the Appellate Group and a partner in the Litigation Group at his firm. He taught Appellate Advocacy and Procedure at Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington, wrote a book on Indiana Appellate Procedure published by West Group, authored a chapter in a book on appellate briefs, and published several articles on Indiana appellate procedure. Patton attended the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and graduated cum laude from Wabash College. He received his law degree from Indiana University School of Law – Bloomington.

Congrats George!

(Information courtesy of my lawyer, Jon Pactor ’71)

Celebrating Scholarships Luncheon

Almost 400  people gathered Saturday as the college celebrated those who have provided the funds for scholarships.  Students and their families were seated with the families responsible for providing the scholarships.

Wabash alumnus Luke Messer ’91, who came to Wabash from a a single parent family, explained that scholarships made it possible for him to attend Wabash – without the scholarship, he would not have been here.  He also credited Wabash with his ability to be successful at one of the best law schools in the country after Wabash.


Student Sam Prellwitz ’10, who plans to be a Minister after Wabash, then captured the crowd as he drew a parallel between his experiences on the farm as a young boy and his similar experiences with growth and the benefits of hard work and pushing your personal limits at Wabash.

It was a special lunch and many thanks go to Wabash staff member Marilyn Smith for putting the entire lunch and program together.

Chapel Features Scott Himsel '85

Chapel these days, every Thursday morning, is somewhat like the old days but isn’t mandatory.  As you can imagine, the springtime Chapels, when the weather is nicer and the sun is out, tend to have a little lower attendance than the ones in the fall.  OK, significantly lower.

Except times like yesterday – when someone like Scott Himsel ’85 delivers a Chapel talk.  We had one of the best turnouts we have had all spring.

Click here to go to iTunesU and see Himsel’s entire talk.

Scott’s talk was on the right to bear arms.  Now, right off the bat that might not seem to be a real draw. Not compared to subjects like "Spring break top 10 locations".  But there are two forces at play here that make me step back and say to myself I wish I had what Scott has.

1.  Scott made a complex subject much easier to understand.  Scott’s style is one that delivers all the facts and let’s the listener lead himself through the process and arrive at his/her own point of view. 

2.  Scott is deeply respected and widely admired by the students for what they know him to be – a dedicated and caring teacher.  They are only, I think it safe to say, slightly aware of Scott’s other full time job as a busy, successful partner in the law firm Baker and Daniels in Indianapolis.

Imagine if they knew that Scott also volunteers in a number of different ways for his college, his Church, and his community.

Scott Himsel – Some Little Giant.

Chances Are You Sat Here Once

Chances are you sat in these very same seats once on Honors Weekend, just like these young men last weekend.  

You were probably doing the same mental gyrations they are:
– Is this the place for me?
– I need to do well on these tests!
– If I attend Wabash, what’s the right living arrangement for me?
– I don’t know if my family can afford it?
– Can I hack it here?
– Will I ever see a girl?

Yep, whether you were in the Class of 2004, 1979, or 1954, those same thoughts ran through your mind.

You might be able to help one of these guys, especially if you referred him to Wabash.  Pick up the phone and give him a call.  Let him tell you about the weekend.  Let him tell you how he did.  Let him tell you what he is wondering/worried about.  Then tell him everyone wonders the same things.

The more some things change, the more some others don’t.

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A Picture Is Worth…

It seems that every time I walk across campus without my camera I miss a golden opportunity to record something of lasting value and immense historical significance…or not.  Luckily my iPhone has a low resolution camera built in for just those times…

I am tempted to leave this photo without comment…but that’s probably not wise.  Evidently the ladies of Delta Zeta have several friends here and this is just another get-together/party in the making.  No chauvinist problems.  No mistreatment.  No second class citizens.    

Catchy, nevertheless.

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John P. Stout '08 – Way Too Soon

John P. Stout ’08 passed away this past week.  John is the son of Tom (Harry) Stout ’69 and brother of Mark ’04.  As you can imagine, the entire Wabash community mourns with Tom and Mark, just as we are doing with the death of Brent Graber ’01.  These two young men passed away long before their time and as a result of similar injuries.

Brent and John had bright futures, no doubt.  Both were talented and energetic young men.  We’re left scratching our heads and asking "Why?".

These untimely deaths directly conflict with a basic law of nature according to the Grunge – your children are supposed to mourn your passing, not vice versa.  When things like this happen, there simply aren’t any words/thoughts/expressions that make it easier for a Mom and Dad to handle this. Trust me, there aren’t.

So, please keep Tom Stout and Brent parents in your prayers.  

There but for the grace….

Clint Gasaway '86 – Helping Families

That’s Clint Gasaway ’86 on the right, talking with a family at the beginning of Honors Weekend.  Clint runs Wabash’s Financial Aid office and is a expert in his field.

Clint’s knowledge of Wabash and his vast experience with all matters of Financial Aid make him a valuable member of the staff – and a best friend for many, many of our students and their families.  Clint’s background includes some time in Admissions at Wabash – perfect!

Wabash, and our many families, are extremely fortunate to have Clint.   

The Look

I was in the upstairs area of the Chapel during the welcoming remarks of Honors Weekend and caught a couple of Moms with what I call "the look".

"The look" is that far-away-look-in-their-eyes when Moms realize their sons are about to make a giant change in their lives.  Up until this point their sons have made campus visits, filled out apps, talked to counselors, etc.   But Honors is the time, when everyone is on campus for the first time and it feels like orientation day, that they realize the time when he will leave the nest is real close.  That’s why a quiet reflection time results in "the look".

It’s tough on Moms…they love those sons…but that’s the way life is. 

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