Wallace, Indiana

There’s a great piece in the latest Wabash Magazine on the 341 Cafe in Wallace, Indiana. After reading the piece, I wondered what the place looked like, on the outside, and I was interested in this little town. So, over lunch today, I drove down there and took a couple of quick photos. Click here for the photos.

The pie special today, in case you were wondering, was Butterfinger Cheese Cake. Try to say that without your cholesterol jumping 20 points!

Dennis Dean '73 Appointed to Key Research Post

Mark McNamee, Virginia Tech senior vice president and provost, announced that Dennis Dean ’73, the Stroobants Professor of Biotechnology at Virginia Tech, will be associate director of the new the Virginia Tech Carilion Medical Research Institute. “Dr. Dean will assure that the investments Virginia Tech is making in basic life science areas are leveraged as fully as possible during the medical research institute’s establishment,” McNamee said.

The medical research institute, managed by Virginia Tech, is a collaboration with the Carilion Clinic and the newly established Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine (VTC), a private independent school jointly managed by Virginia Tech and Carilion, all co-located on a new campus under construction in Roanoke.

Dean is also an internationally known researcher. He received his bachelor’s degree from Wabash College and a Ph.D. from Purdue University, and he was a National Institute of Health postdoctoral fellow in the Institute for Enzyme Research at the University of Wisconsin.

Congrats Dennis!

Colorado Bonus

Several people mentioned they liked the Colorado pictures I posted (OK, it was one person!), so I thought I’d post a few more.

Go visit Colorado, but please don’t move there. We need the housing prices to drop, not increase!

Click here for the photo album..

Phi Delt Reunion Draws Brothers from Near and Far

Mark Dill reports on a recent Phi Delt reunion in indianapolis.

“These alums, spanning the years 1971-1974 have had a reunion every†ten years since 1978 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the home of Ed Pitkin, class of 1971. There were twenty nine Phi Delts who converged on Indianapolis the weekend of July 18-19, 2008 from sixteen different states to spend time together and relish in memories of days gone past. They came from California, Arizona, Vermont and other states for no particular reason other than to have a party and enjoy the fellowship.”

Pretty cool…

Here Comes The Judge?

Jim Joven ’89 is running for Marion County Circuit Court Judge. Good for Jim! We’re always in need of more judges who have a liberal arts background. Of course, this becomes another Wabash network story.

Jonathan P. Sturgill ’93 is on the campaign committeee for Jim. Jonathan has been busy engaging Wabash alumni in support of the candidate.

Tomorrow, at the home of Bob Grand ’78, there’ll be a reception for Jim. Wabash brothers.

The Wabash network at work – I love it!


That Class of 1968!

A couple of days ago, I received a small package from Jim Millikin ’68, the reunion chairman for the record-breaking Class of 1968. Evidently, the fond memories of the Big Bash burn pretty brightly – they are already planning a campus revisit at Homecoming and they have acquired these handsome paperweights.

The Class of 1968 did everything right for the reunion and the absolute best part of it all, bar none, was simply watching them celebrate each other. The fact that so many returned was the central focus. Close friends or not – didn’t matter. Simply being here together made it great.

Wonder how we bottle that?

It Won't Be Long Now

September 13, 2008. Denison University. The 2008 Football Season starts in 52 days. It will be Coach Raeburn’s first season Then, just a few weeks later…

On November 15, 2008, it’ll be Bell Game Time. It’s been way too quiet on campus over the weeks and months since last November…

Jared Stark '94 Assumes Leadership Role

From an article in Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick

“St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers has named Jared Stark as the new executive director for St. Francis Hospital-Mooresville. Stark will begin overseeing the 88-bed community hospital on July 21.

Stark comes to St. Francis from Riverview Hospital in Noblesville, Ind., where he has served as vice president of professional services since August 2005. Stark previously served as St. Francis’ resource manager from December 2000 to April 2003.

For the complete story, click here.

Photo: Jared at last year’s WABASH Day.