Every year, on the Thursday evening before the Biggest game in college football, the men of Wabash and DePauw get together and roast each other at the Monon Bell Stag.

Roast is probably a kind word.

We take a brief time out to honor an alumnus of each school who personifies the Spirit of the Monon Bell – this year Wabash’s award winner is Jon Pactor ’71, a local Indianapolis attorney.

Then it’s back to roasting.

Don’t miss this year’s event – it promises to be a one for the ages.  Hall of Famer Jake Knott ’03 is the Wabash roaster while Indiana business personality Gerry Dick, father of DePauw’s quarterback, will be their roaster.

Wabash President Pat White will be joined this year by DePauw’s President Brian Casey which means the Depauw guys will be out in force.

To make a reservation, simply call the Wabash alumni office at 765-361-6360 before November 5, 2009. 


Top photo – the 2008 Stag
Photo at right – The Spirit of the Monon Bell Award