Peyton Manning and Harry Cotton?

Could it be? Is that Peyton Manning at Commencement with Professor Harry Cotton? I thought he went to one of those SEC schools?

That’s actually JB Bachman ’61 at Commencement with Dr. Cotton. Note the ever-present pipe in Dr. Cotton’s hands…

Oh, the Good Ole’ Days!

Photo from JB Bachman.

We Lost Don Smith '59

I captured this photo of Joe Barnette ’61, our chairman of the board, and fraternity brother Don Smith ’59 at a home football game last fall. Don was seriously ill and Joe knew it (you can see it in his eyes). However, if Don wanted to see the Little Giants play ball, well…by golly, he was going to be there and Joe was going to make it happen.

We lost Don yesterday after a long battle with cancer. You can read the entire story elsewhere on the web site (click here.) Don loved Wabash and was especially fond and proud of the FIJI house and his FIJI brothers.

We’re left to wonder who will take this true Little Giant’s place in the future of the College. However, I know, just know, there’s someone ready and able. And I’ll bet Don’s spirit will be a guiding force… That’s the way it is for our College.

God’s speed, Don. We’ll miss you.

LTC Mark Lee – Some Little Giant!

This just came in from Mark Lee ’86. Mark was to have attended a get-together on campus this past weekend. However, duty calls.

Mark – you have the greatest job in the world – Commander. Enjoy every minute and be safe!




I wanted to let you know that I will be unable to attend the celebration this weekend. Operational requirements here at Fort Lewis have increased over the last few weeks and I am unable to get away. I have Soldiers preparing for deployment to Iraq, so basketball has to take a back seat.

I am the Battalion Commander for a unique organization that is charged with eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction. As you can imagine, we have a very talented Soldiers that are ready to accomplish a daunting and dangerous task. I am proud to be their commander.

You should know that the lessons I learned at Wabash and playing for you have proven invaluable to me over the years.

I have attached my picture from 2003 in Kirkuk, Iraq that show me sitting on $230M in captured gold. That gold was returned to the Iraqi Government soon after that picture was taken.

Liz and I send our best to you and Gloria. Please pass my regards to all the guys that make it back to Crawfordsville.



LTC Mark Lee

Commander, 110th Chemical BN (Technical Escort)

Coach Brock Remembered with "The Coach Brock Gun"

"The Gun" is a machine that sits under the hoop and catches the balls that go in or near the basket. It then automatically distributes the balls to team members at one of 12 shooting positions. Evidently, we were the last basketball program in the world to have this neat shooting aid. That’s half of the story.

The other half begins with former Wabash College coach Bob Brock. A number of players from the 1950s and 1960s wanted to honor their coach and asked what the program needed. Coach Mac Petty H’82 gave them the "gun" idea and the former players, led by Trustee Bob Wedgeworth ’59, took the ball an ran/dribbled with it, so to speak.

Thanks Coach Brock and thanks to all the alumni who made the "Gun" possible.

I Am Ready For Some Football – Already!

I know…I think I repeat a picture every year about this time…can’t help it.

Took this Saturday while we had an indoor track meet and a basketball game "in the Allen house". I like basketball, baseball (my sport of yester-year), swimming, wrestling…but I guess football has my heart.

Won’t be long though…September 8, 2007 we’ll host Franklin College.

Eugene Anderson '83 Joins United Water Team

Eugene Anderson ’83 has joined United Water as communications and community relations manager. In this role Eugene will be responsible for the communications and educational programs dealing with wastewater and the environment.

United Water operates, maintains and manages Indianapolis’ two Advanced Wastewater Treatment facilities as well as other area water services.

Anderson previously served as a deputy Indianapolis mayor and as a major gift officer at Wabash College. He currently serves the Greater Indianapolis area in a number of community leadership roles and is a Trustee of Martin University.

Congratulations Eugene!

Got Snow!?!

That’s our dedicated Campus Services team plowing, not shoveling, our sidewalk to the Hays Alumni Center. As an "Oh By The Way", the temperature is -1 and the wind chill is … ah…COLD!

Reminds me of the times when I was a student and we used to walk five miles through this just to get to Bio 1... 

Hans Steck '73 Reappointed To Important Leadership Post

Hans Steck ’73 has been reappointed to chair Bingham McHale’s government department.

Bingham McHale’s government services practice group offers a full range of government-related legal services for government clients, as well as private clients who transact business before federal, state and local government bodies.

Steck served Bingham McHale LLP as its managing partner from 1994-2004. In his legal practice he concentrates in the areas of public finance and municipal law. An active volunteer in the Indianapolis civic community, Hans has served on the Board of Trustees for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis since 1992 and served as Chairman from 2001 – 2003. He is a member of the Executive Committee of The Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, and is on the Board of Directors of The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

Information from a press release

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