The New License Plate Is Cool!

Greg Estell's new Indiana license plate

Greg posted this on Facebook – it’s his new license plate.  Those of you with a  “Wally” plate have to wait but those of you transitioning to the new one can get one right now.

I’m wondering how the license branch matched up his initials and his class year?  Must be one in a million ;-).

Alumni Board Celebrates MXIBS

Brad Johnson '71 Talks with Joe O'Rourke H'65 and Joe's wife Bev

Four members of the College’s alumni board – President-elect Greg Castanias ’87, Vice President-elect Greg Estell ’85, Brad Johnson ’71 and Keith Veal ’92 – joined Wabash’s administration, faculty and students at the Opening Celebration of the Malcolm X Institute’s founding.

Board member Keith Veal (l) shares a lighter moment with Kim King

The alumni board is playing a key role in helping the college take the MXI and its members to the next level.

You can read the complete story about the Celebration  here.

Something A Little Different – A Taste Of Japan

From a  campus email announcement…

On Thursday, April 7, Erin Nelson, Associate Director of Japan Study at Earlham College and a long time resident of Japan will give a demonstration of the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Detchon 209 at 4:15 PM. The ceremony is free and open to everybody.

Please plan on attending this event to see first hand the intricacies of the Japanese Way of Tea. There is no Western equivalent to this intricate ceremony. You must see it to begin to understand why Japan is truly a special nation!

The Department of Modern Languages and the Asian Studies Program jointly sponsor this event.

Tom Broecker '84 – How Did You Get…

Many thanks to Mike Gregory ’70 down Dallas way for bringing this to our attention.

The question is one that a lucky few get asked.  (I’ve heard fighter pilots get asked this!)

For a cool interview of our own Tom Broecker ’84 at, click here.  My favorite line is: “I basically deal with 30 Rock from Sunday through Wednesday and Saturday Night Live from Wednesday through Saturday.”

Thanks Mike!

Mark Dewart '74 – Running for Village Trustee

Mark Dewart '74

Mark Dewart, currently the president of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men, is in another election.  This time he’s running for the position of Trustee for the Village of Lake Bluff in Illinois.

There are three candidates – all evidently running unopposed.  For more on Mark and his thoughts on the challenges facing his community, click here.

Good luck Mark!

A True Learning Experience…for everyone!

Art Professor Doug Calisch sent an email to the campus earlier in the week.  One of his art majors, Will Skertic ’11, would be doing his senior art project (executive summary: pouring 2000 degree molten brass into molds he had designed and made) on March 18th in the Fine Arts Building.  I had heard about this once before and wanted to watch it in person.  I had already completed my Advancement mail run for the day so off I went.

Will Skertic '11 pours the 2000 degree brass into one of his molds

I had no idea how cool it would be!  Will was helped by Evan Bayless ’12 and Callum Davies ’11 and instructed by Professor Doug Calisch.  The absolute best part was watching the four of them work together.  They were in it as a team.  (One of the six molds was Doug’s creation.)

Yes!!! Doug Calisch is proud of Will's work.

It was neat to see the creative genius of Will coming through.  It was just as cool to see the pride in Doug as he looked on at Will’s work.  It was also cool that, on a spring Friday afternoon, Evan and Callum were there to help a friend.

Made a bad week a good one!

Indy Phoenix Theater presents "This"

The Phoenix Theater in Indianapolis will be featuring the work of two members of the Wabash community in the upcoming play, This.

The resident set designer at the Phoenix is also Wabash’s set designer and professor of theater, James Gross.  Their production assistant and light board operator is Cody Grady ’10.

For more on This, see the theater’s web site here.

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