Class of 1899 Update

Beth Swift reports that the "planter" is actually a fountain presented to the College by the Class of 1899. †In the late 1800s, several of the classes tried to present something of lasting structure to the College. †The fountain, pictured between the evergreens above, originally sat near Center Hall.

If you’d like to see where the fountain originally stood, here’s the link, courtesy of Beth Swift.

And that’s the rest of the story…


Have You Seen This?

I was walking behind the Chapel last Saturday on my way to our Annual Scholarship Luncheon.  As an "Oh, by the way" that luncheon brings scholarship donors together with the recipients – it’s a great affair!

As I rounded the Chapel and walked along its west side, I saw this planter.  I have never seen it before in all my years as a student and as a staff member.  Looks to be a gift from the Class of 1899…that’s a few years ago.  It’s a great setting, near the busiest part of campus but just removed enough to be in a quiet and not-so-busy location.

I am going to get with my friend Beth Swift in the Archives and see if I can learn more.

Obviously, I need to do more campus exploration!

You Can Help Wabash Students…By Playing Golf!

That’s right – you can help our students by taking a little time out of your busy day to play golf.  Sound to good to be true?  Not so.  Here’s the information from our friends in the Schroeder Center for Career Development (SCC):

The SCC, in conjunction with the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, would like to invite you to participate in the 1st Annual Alumni/Student Golf Networking Event, "Hitting the Links,"on May 11th, 2006 at the Rocky Ridge Golf Course near Crawfordsville.

Our goal is to help Wabash students connect and network with Wabash alumni in an informal setting. Thus, we ask that you come prepared to meet with students and fellow alumni, play golf, and have a great time! We would like to have alumni from business, science, law, manufacturing, real estate, tech, education, healthcare, non-profits/social services, government/public safety, entertainment/media/arts, journalism, religion, sports, graduate schools-.etc. participate. As you know, Wabash students are interested in everything!

This is an excellent opportunity for you to identify Wabash talent and/or to help ensure the success and preparedness of our current students.

The event will begin at 10:30 A.M. with a shotgun start. Every foursome will consist of two alumni and two students. After the round has concluded, everyone will be invited to a reception at the clubhouse. Total cost for the event will be $40 made payable to Wabash College.

To participate, please RSVP to Ben Hewitt, Internship Coordinator, at, 765-361-6267, and include your Wabash degree, class year, and current occupation. Deadline to sign up to participate is April 21st.



Brian Shinkle – No Wonder He Won!

In January, I told you Brian Shinkle ’85 was in the primary to run for Circuit Judge.  Well…he won!  His lovely wife Lorie let me know and also sent this picture of Brian’s campaign managers, Victoria and Thomas.  

With this talented team, how could he lose?  

New Building Materials Process Discovered

In response to the ever-increasing cost of on-campus construction, some bright, energetic Wabash men have discovered a relatively low cost method of "growing" building materials.  In the photo you see a 4" by 4" growing out of a recycled paint bucket.  The 4" by 4" lumber is growing so fast it need supports.

This experiment may be a little behind the times though, as most campus construction uses a steel infrastructure.

Oh well…

Tomorrow, the rest of the story…

Tom Fisher '91 Argues Before Supreme Court

Tom Fisher ’91, Solicitor General of Indiana, recently argued a case before the US Supreme Court. Greg Castanias ’87, who has also been in front of the highest court in the land, sent this report.

"Tom was marvelous today in a very difficult argument. From watching the six advocates in the two cases argued today, no one would have known that this was Tom’s first argument before the Court, because he seemed like he had done this a hundred times before — in fact, the only one of the six who even compared to Tom was Michael Dreeben of the U.S. Solicitor General’s office, who has argued at least 60 cases before the Court. Tom took on some rather aggressive questioning from Justice Scalia and completely held his own, debating with Justice Scalia (and other Justices) fine points of constitutional and pre-constitutional history, such as the trial of Sir Walter Raleigh."

Well done Tom!  

Photo:  Tom Fisher ’91 in a lighter moment on campus recently.

Phi Psis Have New Alarm Clock

Bright and early (7:00 AM – that’s early if you are on college time) on Wednesday morning, the Phi Psis were awakened by the sounds of…fraternity renovation!

The renovation is scheduled to continue through the summer and fall semester. Next fall the Phi Psis will take up temporary residence in the old FIJI house.  The FIJIs will be in their brand new house!

Lots going on around campus – come back and see for yourself!

It's A Small Wabash World – After All

In the fall of 2005, Ralph Fenesy ’56 took an Alaskan cruise with fellow classmates Stan Matheny ’56 and Jere Weliver ’56.  One of the options during the cruise was to take a dog-sledding excursion.  Ralph boarded the helicopter for the ride to the plateau where the dogs were housed wearing a red "Wabash" hat. When he arrived at the location, one of the dog mushers came right up to Ralph and asked about the hat.  The musher was Joe Armentano ’00!

Joe works at the Alaskan location in the winters and in Montana in the summers.

Now that’s a small world.

Information from Steve Hoffman ’85.

Pictured:  Ralph Fenesy ’56 and Joe Armentano ’00.

March Madness & Honor Scholars

March 21, 2006.  Last Saturday I bought yard fertilizer and some other spring essentials.  Today, we’re greeted with a snow storm!  Must be Indiana in the spring.

Thank goodness Honor Scholars this past weekend had sunny weather – makes all the different in the world.  The Admissions team did a great job, as did the entire campus community.  When you consider the population at Wabash roughly doubles, with future students and their families, it’s amazing how smoothly the entire weekend goes.

Wonder where my snow shovel is?    

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