Spreading the Fame…

Big Blu

Ned Luce ’66 sent me this photo of a Porsche gathering in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.  That’s his RS America Porsche…looking just like a show car.  Having ridden in it a couple of times, I can tell you that if you look up “pocket rocket” in the dictionary, you’ll see its photo.

Fast…and then some.  Plus, it rides like a sports car…not a Buick.

As you can tell, Ned keeps it in super shape and as original as possible…execept for the decal in the back window…

Wabash College Decal

It says Wabash College.  That gave me a thought.  Nothing says “great outcomes” like a Wabash Porsche.  So, I am going to propose we get these for our Admissions guys and frequent College travelers…like Grunge.

What do you think?

Ethan Olberding '99

Captain Ethan Olberding '99

That’s Captain Ethan Olberding, Class of 1999 and commander of Dealer Company in Raider Brigade, in the center of the picture.  The other two Soldiers are a part of the company Ethan commands.  They are currently operating out of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

It’s a challenging environment – temperatures well into the 100s, 10 day “trips” into the field, sleeping wherever and whenever you can.  Two guys in the company were just killed by an IED during a combat operation.  Not many places more important for the ability to “think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely”.

46 Days To Go – Get The Tickets Now

2010 Monon Bell Tickets - For The Wabash Side

46 days to go.  It will be here before you know it.  I have my tickets – I suggest you get yours ASAP.

DePauw has a good team.  Wabash has a good team.  Both teams are undefeated.  Both have talent.

All that means…well…nothing. You know as well as I do that it all goes out the window at the kickoff.

So, don’t delay.  Read the posting on the Wabash web site with all the details then pick up the phone or keyboard and make arrangements for your tickets.

Wabash on Linkedin – Check It Out

The Wabash Group on Linkedin

We have over 1,100 alumni in the Wabash College Alumni Linkedin group.  We’re starting to see more and more postings about different job opportunities.  Now’s the time to join the group and start connecting.

You never know what the future holds.

Who Could Say "No" To These Three?

Dan Susie '68, Emmanuel Aouad '10, and Ray LaDriere '78

That’s our talented Wabash alumni team at a recent College Fair in Dallas, Texas.  Who could possibly say no to these guys?  Dan and Ray are long time Dallas residents and leading attorney in their fields.  Emmanuel is a recent graduate – you’ll remember him as an All-American track and cross country star.

Emmanuel reported they had no less than 10 prospects fill out cards.

Way to go!!!

Coach Matt Papachronis '98 Has New Home

Wabash’s Matt Papachronis ’98 has just been named the North Central High School and Washington Township Swim Club’s  (WTSC)  Head Swim Coach!

Matt joins North Central and WTSC from the Southeastern Swim Club in Fishers, where he was Head Age Group Coach, Senior Team Assistant and Assistant Coach for the Hamilton Southeastern High School swim team.

Matt was the captain of the Wabash College swim team in 1998, where he graduated as the fifth highest career point earner ever.

Congratulations Matt!

Why I Love Div. III Sports

Chuck Barber (OWU '55) and his son Chip (Ashland '81)

These two gentlemen, Chuck Barber and his son Chip, stopped by our tailgate before the OWU football game.  They are both big Ohio Wesleyan fans.  They were FOR OWU, but not against Wabash.

We had a great talk.  Chuck wants nothing more than OWU football to be back where it was in his days and is working hard to help that happen.  Chip, even though he graduated from Ashland, agrees.  Chip is a frequent poster on  He was dying to meet “WallyWabash”!

There was no doubt in my mind that they loved OWU every bit as much as I do Wabash. There was also no doubt they believed in the concept of student-athlete and wouldn’t trade the good education for anything else.

Good folks who care deeply about the right things – what more could you ask for across the field?

Guyanna Spurway – She Will Be Missed

Friday was Guyanna Spurway’s last “working” day at the College. She’s been at Wabash for over 39 years.  I am pretty sure she started when she was 7!!!

That same smile has greeted hundreds of Wabash visitors – from new students and their families to returning alumni.  Guy makes each and every person feel special.

As with many Wabash retirees, she is just simply transitioning to another relationship with Wabash.  After all, she lives just down the street and husband Jack is an alumnus.

I have often joked, when others have talked about how important certain people are, that the test is to put a hand in a bucket of water and then remove it.  If the water stays parted, they are simply too important to go.

I didn’t say that to Guy.  That water could just stay parted.

We wish Guy and Jack a great retirement!

Matt Hudson '10 – Back On The Field

Matt Hudson '10

That’s award-winning quarterback Matt Hudson at the microphone – Matt was the Hometown Sports sideline reporter at the Wooster game last weekend.

Let me tell you something and you read it first right here on the Grunge Report – Matt will be broadcasting on Sundays at the next level – he’s good!  No, great!  Matt’s smooth, articulate delivery and his football knowledge make him a pro in every respect.  All he needs is a chance to show what he’s got (Lou Holtz – Grunge here – he’s your Mark May replacement!)

I listened (when I should have been shooting photos) and Matt’s comparison to a similar situation in a recent Div I game was right on the money.

Does Matt miss playing?  Is the Pope…