Prof. Tracey Salisbury, a tenure track faculty member in the history department who wlll earn her doctorate later this year, earned a standing ovation yesterday for her Chapel talk on "Wabash Always Thinks – Or Not."

A podcast is available to download from iTunesU here.

Her message centered on acceptance and not second-guessing people. From an acceptance standpoint, Salisbury sees Wabash as a college that doesn’t say "No" but always tries to find a positive, moving forward answer. 

She also believes that new people and new ideas aren’t to be resisted, as she senses the Wabash community sometimes does, but embraced.  New ideas and new people are not threats to existence but the energy sources for growth and development.  These are the things that make a college and its family strong.

Her thoughts obviously resonated with many in attendance as they certainly responded to her talk.