Grunge Report Update

We have discovered the causes of the problems experienced recently by the Grunge Report and are well on our way to fixing them or at least providing work-arounds.  Thanks to you two, (you know who you are), the readers who asked about the difficulty.  Our sense is that the Grunge Report may have peaked in reader-ship awhile back and we may be ready for the next step beyond the blog.

Note small size and capacity of the CNT and TGR

Our first problem was a severe restriction in the structural mechanism that insures unimpeded flow of CNT (CreativeNotionsandThoughts) through the system.  This has long been recognized as perhaps the weakest link in our Report technology but the only way around it is to develop an entirely new system.  We’re hopeful this is on the drawing board but until then we’ll continue to refine the current system to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency while minimizing the outward signs of its severe limitations.

The CNT problem was compounded by severe rusting and structural degradation in the IM (InterestMechanism) module and the resultant strain on the GAS valve.  The combination produced extremely low system pressure, which significantly decreased the volume and quality of the output.  These system modules require periodic recharging, which is time consuming, and rely on a number of outside environmental variables well beyond the control of the The Generic Register (TGR).  This control mechanism was built largely with recycled and out-of-date aviation parts, most of them are no longer available.

A number of problems

Keep in mind this system is over five years old and was originally designed to last approximately 90 days so we are well beyond the warranty period.

Our ETIC (estimated time in commission) is 24-48 hours.  After that period we hope to restore power to the system and begin a gradual increase in system flow.  This process may take some time.  In the meantime, the system engineers believe you might want to seek additional blog feeds from here.

Thanks for your time and understanding.  We are working to resolve these problems as quickly as possible.

Dress For Success !?!

Took this one last week (Thursday) during the snow storm.  I had decided to make this some kind of wardrobe post…but then it hit me.

I’m the guy who had the best of all worlds.  For every work day, I would go to the closet and pick a suit to wear for the day.  The suits were all the same.  They were the same color.  They were all green.  We called them “bags”.  Fire resistant.  86 or so pockets.  They held everything.  The only thing you had to do, before you ever wore one, was to cut the knife pocket off.  Only the best pilots could go sans knife pocket.  The best work clothes ever.

But I digress…

This photo is really about one of the key reasons to go to an all male institution.  You can wear what you want.  When you want.  Shorts for January 20th?  Sure.  But remember your head gear ’cause it’s cold and snowing.

On a more serious note though, this is about the kind of college we are.  This is a place where, as a student, you can be Y-O-U.  You don’t need to pretend anything.  Linebacker and theater major?  Sure.  Chem major and president of the bass fishing club?  Sure.  Great faculty member and ultimate frisbee geek?  Sure.

Be you.  (Maybe I’ll try to be ME tomorrow and wear a “bag” to work?)

Wabash In Norway

Matt Goodrich '09 On The Right

The Phoenix Theater is currently featuring the play Norway.  You can read about it here.  The reviews have been very good.

What you may not have caught is the Wabash influence in the production.  One of the lead characters is played by our own Matt Goodrich, Class of 2009.  Furthermore, the set designs are by James Gross.  James is an Assistant Professor of Theater, Scene Designer, and Technical Director here.

So, hurry to the Phoenix Theater as Norway will finish its run on January 30th.

Wabash Basketball Legends This Weekend – And More

Saturday, Jan 29, 2011

Saturday, January 29th is the annual Alumni Basketball game – you’ll see the stars of yesteryear battle it out.  The game starts at 1:00 PM with the varsity game to follow at 3:00 PM.

Another reason to come out to Chadwick Court this Saturday is Wabash scoring star Josh Estelle ’00.  Josh will be inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame at halftime.

Hope to see you in Chadwick!

Charles McLaurin Talks In Chapel

Charles McLaurin

Charles McLaurin was invited by our men in the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies to be a part of the programming for this past week and the celebrations surrounding the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

McLaurin was our Chapel Speaker last Thursday.  I grabbed my camera and made my way through the snow.  It was a nasty day, weather wise, and I worried a little bit about student turnout.

I didn’t need to worry – great crowd.

McLaurin told the stories behind the voter registration effort in Mississippi in the early 1960s.  I couldn’t help but think he was talking about another country…were we really that nasty?…and we worry about partisan rhetoric these days.

McLaurin closed with a joke about his wife telling him not to “out-do” himself and with a little bit of pride in how far we have come.  Without any human emotion other than immense pride in the American people, he noted that an African-American president was something that had eluded even his dreams.  “A black Senator or Congressman in my times – surely. But a President?”

McLaurin has every reason to be a “chip on my shoulder” guy.  But my time in Chapel says otherwise.

You can read more about his visit to campus here.

Public Service Announcement – Contacting the Wabash Community

Follow the green arrow

Every week or so I get the same call.  “Hey Tom”, they say, “I am trying to contact XXXXX…do you have their number/email?”

Of course, as a public servant, I pass on the information.  Today, though, just because, I’m passing on one of my secrets.  You can, without anyone helping you, find that same information for any faculty member, staff member, or student.  See the green arrow in the picture above?  Click on People Finder (not on the picture, on our website!)

You’ll get the page below.

Enter all or part of the name you know

Simply type into the website their first or last name…or as much as you recall and the system will present you with a number of options.  If that fails, at no additional cost, you have the college switchboard phone number right in front of you.

Found A Great Diet Plan – NCAA Wrestling

Wabash vs. Manchester

Took my first shot at photographing wrestling the other night.  Manchester College was in town to wrestle your Little Giants.

As far as the learning experience for the rank amateur that is the Grunge, it was indeed one.  Missed three times as many good photos as I captured and again went home to find that the photography monster had invaded my camera card and “out-of-focused” several premo shots!

However, one thing that struck me again – these guys burn through some serious calories in the space of less than 10 minutes on the mat.  That’s on top of the warming up exercise that seems to go forever.  One Manchester wrestler never stopped warming up behind me…never.

Coaches Anderson and Irwin Study The Action

At the end of the evening I came away, yet again, impressed by our team.  They train hard, wrestle hard, never give up, and they are well coached.  Brian Anderson has that wrestling engine firing on all cylinders.  Cousin Max is very proud, I’m sure!

Steve Campbell '92 In the News

Steve Campbell ’92 was one of the speakers at a governmental Forum yesterday on Policy Over Politics: A Forum on Township Reform.

Steve Campbell '92

The Forum  highlighted key concepts behind the need for township reform and legislation that impacts quality of life and economic development here in Indiana.  You might recognize the names of a couple of other presenters – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Wabash alumnus Mark Miles, President and CEO, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership.

Since serving as the Indianapolis Deputy Mayor, Steve has gone on to form his own consulting company, Campbell Strategies, LLC. You can read all about the company here.

Steve Campbell is one to watch – you heard it here!

Alumni Invitation Art Exhibition

This information from Michael Atwell in the Arts Department.  This should be an interesting Exhibit by some very talented members of our alumni body.

“Please join the Art Department in celebrating the return of its alumni to campus this Friday from 4:30–6 p.m., for the opening reception of the Alumni Invitation Exhibition.

This is a wonderful opportunity to greet returning alumni, renew old friendships, and witness the varied directions in life these men have taken since leaving Wabash.

Presented is an impressive body of work created by 31 Fine Arts alumni who graduated between 1978 and 2009.  In the exhibit, the artists demonstrate their mastery of a wide range of media including architectural projects, art history publications, ceramics, fashion design, drawing, film, violin making, painting, photography, sculpture, sound, video, visual communication, and tattoo art.

1978 – 2009
January 21–February 18, 2011

Opening reception, Friday 21, 4:30–6 p.m.

Gallery Hours: Monday–Friday 9–5, Saturday 10–2
Eric Dean Gallery
Randolph H. Deer Art Wing
Fine Arts Center, Wabash College
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

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