And So It Begins…Got Some Paint?

The Senior Bench - Aug 27, 2011

Stopped by the senior bench as I was watching the cross country alumni run.  The Sigma Chi men have already been there…nice paint job!

It will change many times in the coming weeks…but I’ll bet it’s red before the first football game!


Space Cowboys II ???

The Five Amigos

Ken Crawford ’69, Tom Billings ’63, Bob Bittel ’57, Skip Lindeman ’64 and the Grunge – a sequel to Space Cowboys?   Not really.

But these guys had a GREAT time.  Ken took this crew on a superb tour of Edwards Air Force Base, the home of the Air Force Test Pilot School and some of the NASA space program operations.  We also had a chance to see the lunar landing practice module (behind those guys) and had a great lunch at Domingo’s, the restaurant in nearby Boron, CA made famous as a post-space flight meal by our astronauts.

Ken was a great host and we certainly learned a lot.  The trip up and back from LA was one of constant laughter –  a million jokes.  Not only was Skip a news anchor before becoming a minister but I think he has a solid streak of jokester in him.  Bob Bittel is a close second!

A great day of fun punctuated by at least two dozen fond Wabash memories – Don Baker, Vic Powell, Norwood Brigance, Frank Sparks, Willis Johnson, Byron Trippet, and a lot of others.

To quote Buzz Lightyear: “To infinity…and beyond!”

Skip, Ken, Tom, and Bob...and a Grunge favorite, the F-111



New Web Site Navigation 1 – Tips from the Grunge

1.  To find the alumni blog:  You can get there by selecting “alumni” on the main page and then “Alumni Voices” on the alumni page.

2. To find all the blogs:  Simple click on “Uncensored” on the main page then select “Blogs”.

3. To return to the Wabash main page from “Athletics”: Click on the “Wabash Home” button or click on the Wabash stacked logo.  (This last one works on virtually every page.)

4. Two major places to look for “stuff”:
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Chong Ng ‘79 – new Bus. Dev. in Hong Kong

Chong Ng ‘79 was recently named Business Development Director for its Asia region at Futurestep, which provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing as a component of its global strategic talent acquisition solutions.

Based in Hong Kong, Chong will focus on China, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.  He has a Finance MBA from Ball State University and was a History & Religion major at Wabash.

Sons and Grandsons

Clark Dickerson '67 and grandson

Clark Dickerson ’67 sent this one in of his grandson modeling the latest in Wabash apparel.

Matthew Roper

Jim Roper ’68 sent this one of his son, Matthew (age 11), at a recent baseball game.  Matthew has good eyes…that pitch was barely off the plate!

Ken Schild '66 and his grandson

Ken is checking the fit of the “pot” for his grandson.  Ken, a TKE, may be unknowingly recriuiting for the Phi Delts as they are the only pot wearers now.

Owen Runge

Chris Runge '94 and Owen









The last two, smaller photos are of an alumnus and his son – I know them both pretty well.  Owen, age 9, just tested for his brown belt in Taekwondo.


Now, This Is Cool!

Alumni Blog Roll

One of the cool parts of the new web site is something called the “Wabash Blog Roll“.  The blog roll contains the links to blogs authored by our alumni.  It can be personal, about a hobby, your line of work, etc.  It isn’t a place to advertise, it’s a place to offer something of personal interest.

You get there by navigating to the alumni page and then clicking on:




Seems simple enough?  If you want to send in the information for a blog, simple email it,  along with a mug shot, to Michele Tatar at



One Proud Dad

Joe Bondi '83

That’s Joe Bondi ’83 at last Saturday’s Ringing In Ceremony.  Joe’s looking up at his son Patrick, a member of the Class of 2015.  At this point, everyone is applauding as President Pat White has just rung in the Class of 2015.

Joe is Dad…alumnus…fraternity brother…and it’s all there on his face.

This Wabash College…a good and special place.


Ringing Them In

Ringing In for the Class of 2015

Some things are just tough to explain.  Chapel Sing pops to mind.  For the Wabash community, it’s a no-brainer.  A Rite of Passage that might just be the biggest at Wabash.  Try to explain that “event”, though, to someone not familiar with Wabash?  Tough.  Ringing In may be much the same.

Greg Castanias '87

The photos above and at right are Greg Castanias ’87, president of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men, welcoming the Class of 2015 and their families to Wabash. Greg noted that our 25,000 alumni, since 1832, is a smaller group than IU’s current student population.

Greg went on to explain the impact of Wabash throughout his life.

As you see, the Caleb Mills Bell didn’t pay any attention to the heat, and waited patiently for its turn to shine.

That moment came a little later as President Pat White, who referenced fittingly the Wabash student body as a “band of brothers”, asked the class to stand and rang them in.

President Pat White

Pat knows the importance of the day and it shows in his smile.  The next time he reaches for the bell with the Class of 2015 present, it will be their Commencement.

Those four years will fly by!


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