Grunge on Vacation

I needed a photo that would make Wabash alumni, parents, and friends smile. Thought of many but this one probably works as well as any. (I almost used a shot of a couple of 492nd Tactical Fighter Squadron F-111s…but that would probably be too right, if you catch my drift.)

Grunge will be on vacation for a little while…back in the office on July 10, 2006.

Have a great July 4th…

Our Wabash – Keep It Strong

During every Big Bash weekend, the Pioneer Chapel is seldom empty. Virtually every alumnus back swings through for a few brief moments. I am sure there are many reasons for the short-but-important visits. I also know that the timeless nature of the Chapel is always a reason.

Our guys come back, as I did for many years, to make sure “their” Wabash is still here. They want reassurance that the best parts of Wabash are unchanged. But they also want to see the Allen Center, the new fraternities, the many upgrades all around campus. The reason for these two seemingly dissimilar feelings is simple – we love Wabash and we want to retain the rich tradition while keeping Wabash on the cutting edge.

That’s where all of us come in.

We were able to get a great education here because a number of alumni who came before us kept Wabash strong, vibrant, and free from outside influence. It’s now our turn. The Wabash spirit includes a desire and commitment to make sure Wabash today is better than yesterday and tomorrow it will be even better.

You can do that by making a gift, any gift, to our Annual Fund. And, in the process, you’ll be helping every young Wabash man on campus. The fiscal year ends on June 30th

A strong, vibrant, and free Wabash. Every gift counts. I’m in. Please, if you haven’t yet, make your gift today.

To do your part, click here.

Photo: Twilight Friday evening of the Big Bash.

Some Little Giants

That’s Major Jay Rice ’86 and Major John South ’95 pictured with a senior Afghan Officer…somewhere in Afghanistan. Jay and John have been stationed together for their entire time in Afghanistan – it’s a small Wabash world.

Jay and John are Marines – ’nuff said!

Regardless of your politics, you have to be proud of these Little Giants and their willingness to serve. Interesting in that in a couple of months, Ethan Olberding ’99, Army Ranger, will be headed back to that part of the world. Wabash men really making a difference…

Now, if there was just some way for this poor, dumb fighter pilot to get a jet and join them…

Keep these guys, and all who serve, in your thoughts and prayers.

The Big Bash – A Time To share Memories

Another place that is becoming a popular place for photos is in front of the larger-than-life College Seal. The Seal is located on the exterior Chadwick Court wall about halfway between the Armory and the Allen Center front doors.

I caught this couple having their picture taken.†The looks on their faces say it all…

Hope to see you at your next reunion. Make sure you call up our buddies and twist their arms as well…

Class Chapel Sing – Another Option

Jon Pactor, class agent for the class of 1971, had a good idea for the Class Chapel Sing competition at the Big Bash. He had t-shirts made up with "Wabash College, Little Giants" on the front and had the first verse, chorus, and refrain from "Old Wabash" on the back. Pretty smart – the judges were forced to draw a fine line between innovation and cheating.

Of course, when the class got to the second verse, the t-shirt couldn’t help. Never fear – Jon pulled out a bell and started ringing it as the class stumbled through. First time I have seen "comm jamming" since my Air Force days!

Did they win? No. Are they winners? Of course!

Photo: Jon Pactor (second from left) talks with fellow 71-ers at the Bash picnic.


50th Reunion Medallions

The 50th Reunion Medallions are an interesting item. On the surface, they aren’t earth-shattering by any stretch. Simple design. Simple ribbon. College Seal.

But it isn’t the medallion – it’s what it represents to the guys and family members. It’s 50 years of personal and professional history…all rapped in a little medallion. That’s why guys continue to wear them back to campus often – no need to explain – it just feels right.

Top photo – the 50th reunion medallions – all lined up and ready for presentation on June 2, 2006.

Bottom photo: a close up of the medallion.

The Bash – A Family Affair

The Big Bash is, first and foremost, a chance to get together with old friends and swap tales of yesteryear. It’s also a time for families to get a chance to see where Dad went to College.

I caught this young family at, of course, the Pioneer Chapel. In the course of every campus tour, formal or informal, the Chapel is a magnet. I am not quite sure what it is, but there’s a need, I think, for all of us to come back and to make sure the rocks of Wabash – Center Hall, the Chapel, the Mall – don’t change.

These "rocks" anchor the rest of our lives, in many ways.

I still remember the location in the Chapel of my assigned seat as a freshman – do you?

Senior Citizen Rhynies?

Where else but the Big Bash would you find a group of 60-something Rhynies?

The Class of 1966 seemed to embrace the pots – much different than in their day, I’ll bet! Here a group chats at the picnic following the Class Chapel Sing Competition – which they won, by the way.

Lots of great memories, and a little content for the Grunge, came from the Big Bash this year.

Big Bash Travels – A Quick Look

At the 2006 Big Bash, I decided to take a few photos of the different license plates I found around the mall. I thought it would serve as a another way of looking at the distance some people travel to spend time at Wabash with their classmates.

An interesting side note is the license plates themselves. They say a lot about the owner, in an odd way. For example, the "Wabash 911" license plate. This one belongs to an alumnus who tirelessly volunteers for the College – if there’s a problem or we need some help, he’s always the first to step up. Wabash’s 911 to-the-rescue service.

For other plates, click here.

For a couple of years running now, Art Lewellen ’39 has been our oldest alumnus at the Big Bash. Art is the Class of 1939 – which means his class graduated 67 years ago!

Art and Martha attend many events over the weekend and thoroughly enjoy the reunion atmosphere.