Dale Milligan '49 and the USS Indianapolis

That’s Dale Milligan, Class Agent for the Class of 1949, at a recent Class Agent Forum.

Dale stopped by the office a couple of days ago. He was looking forward to the presentation on the USS Indianapolis we had on campus yesterday. As it turns out, Dale was on another ship crossing the same sea lane as the USS Indianapolis when the attack occurred. Dale explained to me that, at that time on the conflict, people could see the end of the war coming and were a little lax in their vigilance. The sinking of the USS Indianapolis was a huge wake-up call, so to speak.

As I sat in my office after Dale’s visit, it dawned on me that Dale was another combat-proven member of what Tom Brokaw described as our greatest generation. I never knew that Dale had served in WWII. I never knew of his service. It was something everyone did in those days, I guess. No chest banging – just matter of fact.

Dale Milligan ’49 – Wabash grad, devoted husband, local businessman, class agent, warrior. A belated salute to you, my friend!

Eugene Anderson '83 Receives Award

The Center for Leadership Development, an Indianapolis-based community organization focused on fostering the advancement of minority youth in Central Indiana, recently honored Eugene Anderson of United Water with its prestigious Board of Directors Award for his long track record of service and leadership in his hometown of Indianapolis. This is one of the highest honors the organization bestows during its annual Minority Business & Professional Achievement Awards dinner, which was held March 17 at the Indiana Convention Center.

To be considered for the award, nominees must demonstrate professional success, leadership, and dedication to the community through involvement in volunteer and non-profit organizations. They must also stand out as role models for young people, especially those in minority groups.

Congratulations Eugene!

(Information from press release.)

Another Kind of March Madness

This is Indiana and as such March Madness means something to every single Hoosier out there.

Take that Brownsburg game recently. 2.1 seconds to go. Behind by 1 point. Inbounds pass fought for by three players. One guy tips it to another teammate. The shot goes in. Brownsburg wins by a point, 40-39.

Before that play the Brownsburg coach said: “Let’s do this, it’s our time. It’s been a long journey. It’s been a good story. Let’s write the final chapter.”

It was their time. The coach had confidence. That confidence filled the team with confidence.

The Coach? Wabash’s own Josh Kendrick ’97.

Waking up the next morning as State Champs? Priceless!

Congrats to Josh and the entire Brownsburg team!

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Senior Bench – A Clean Look

Senior bench…taken late last week. The sun was actually out.

I guess I’m partial…it might show my advanced age. I like the multi-color paint jobs based upon fraternities and Wabash clubs/organizations. They offer a change of pace that’s fun to watch and photograph. But this just might be my favorite “look”- just like someone singing the Star Spangled Banner like it was written, note for note, I like a red bench with white “W” – note for note, paint for paint.

Simple things for a simple mind I guess…


A Sure Sign Of Spring

It’s a sure sign of spring. †No, not the buds on the tree limbs you see in the photo but the windows open wide in Detchon 209, the second floor classroom in Detchon Hall (Yandes Library for those of you who are more “seasoned” alumni).

Detchon 109, the room directly below, is a computer lab and all those PCs and Macs tend to generate some heat. †A lot of that heat ends up in 209.

Of course, there are opposing forces at work here. †The effort to cool the room off, approaching a better body temperature for learning, is offset by the sweet sights and sounds of spring.

Oh, to be a student again…

Al Hart '69 Teams With Wikipedia

Al Hart ’69 has teamed with Wikipedia to offer more information to the world on Montgomery County. Al states the most fun was researching and photographing a little known part of county called Balhinch (one of his photos above).

Al has already provided more historic information on such other well known locales like New Richmond (where the movie Hoosiers was filmed), Deers Mill, Waveland, Alamo, and Linden. Check out Montgomery County on Wikipedia here.

The photo below (also from Al) is of a marker in Balhinch recognizing William Offield, the first settler of Balhinch in 1821. That’s a long time ago – Wabash College wouldn’t be founded for another 11 years.

Thanks Al – this is obviously a labor of love!

Marion General Hospital and Dave Callecod '89 Win Award

Marion General Hospital was recently named as one of the nation’s Top 100 Hospitals.  Their CEO is our own Dave Callecod ’89. Dave, as you may know, also serves as a member of Wabash’s alumni board. That’s Dave at an event honoring the hospital.

MGH garnered the honor in the medium community hospital category.

For more information on the Top 100 Hospitals, including the stringent criteria, click here.

Congratulations Dave, we’re proud of you and your team!


Charlie Quillin '60 – Dean "Everything" at Point Park

Charlie Quillin, class agent for the Class of 1960, has been a real difference maker at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Charlie has held many senior positions with the institution, among them Dean of Students for 27 years and major gift officer.

Charlie’s now semi-retired. From what I can tell that means he’s still working full time but from a home office. Those of you who know Charlie know what I mean.

As it turns out, and it’s never been something Charlie has talked about, Charlie has also been teaching for virtually his entire time at Point Park. He started teaching before he ever arrived but continued teaching things like cell biology and scientific writing for journalists. Through the years, in addition to his day job and often teaching at odd times during the week and weekend, Charlie has advanced through the academic ranks to full professor status. So, it’s a special time when Charlie is to be honored as a Professor Emeritus by Point Park on Friday, May 2, 2008.

Charlie Quillin, you are some Little Giant! We’re proud of you!

It's Honors Weekend!

It’s Honors Weekend and like all the fraternities and clubs at Wabash our guys are doing their best to welcome the well-over 300 students visiting.

Honor Scholarship weekend is a combination campus visit and unique opportunity to do well enough on a series of scholarship tests to earn/increase more scholarship dollars.

As you can see above, the Phi Gams are doing their share, hosting several students and recruiting many others. Now the TKEs (below) took a bit of a different twist. With their new house under construction, their current location is just temporary. So they decided to highlight their living room furniture, moving it to the front porch for maximum visibility.

Big Bash 2008 – Just Around the Corner

The Big Bash, 2008 edition, is just around the corner – June 6-8, 2008. Don’t miss the opportunity to return to campus and spend a couple of days catching up with classmates, playing a little golf, and telling those Wabash stories you laugh about.

To review the schedule of the weekend, click here.

To register for the reunion, click here.

Photo: Eric Shreve ’02 and his classmates talk with Alison Kothe after the Chapel Sing Competition.