Kyle Grand…Kyle Grand…

Kyle Grand '11

The students chanted “Kyle Grand…Kyle Grand” at the last home basketball game.  Kyle smiled and then finally did what they were waiting for…waved to the crowd.

Kyle’s a senior – only a couple of months left.  Many know him as the long snapper for the Wabash football team.  Kyle also, in a true liberal arts fashion, braodcasts the Little Giant basketball games on the radio with football teammate Derek Rowe ’13.

Our students wanted to acknowledge Kyle’s contributions.  It seems only fitting that, on a day when there was so much to celebrate, our guys made sure the seniors on the basketball team, and contributors like Kyle, were also honored.

A great Wabash community kind of a day.

Dave Parry '57 Honored by Indiana Senate

Dave Parry ’57 is a legend – pure and simple.  32 years of involvement in high school education and athletics.  50 years of participation as a football official.  Led the Big Ten officials.  Ref’d a Super Bowl.  There isn’t a football officiating mountain he has climbed and captured.

Great to see the Indiana Senators honor him.

You can read the entire story here.

Faculty-Alumni Symposium Also Featured Magic

The Faculty – Alumni Symposium was a big hit.  A great afternoon and evening.

One of the real surprises was the magic performed.  First of all, alumnus Fletcher Boyd ’72 talked of his experiences in the restaurant industry and then transitioned to a quick card trick.

Pick a card, any card!

Fletcher asked a participant to select a card from the deck.  After showing it to the group, she returned it to the deck. Fletcher then proceeded to put the entire deck in his mouth!  Some how, some way, after he removed the deck, the folded card (6 of Clubs) was still in his mouth!

Watch closely!

In the very next session, Professor of Psychology Karen Gunther offered many various tasting exercises to the group.  In the photo she’s preparing a plate of goodies that demonstrated different several aspects of taste.

Professor Karen Gunther

During one, Karen had the attendees bite into a lemon slice.  Then she had them let a small capsule dissolve in their mouths,  After a few minutes, they tried the lemon again. This time the lemon slice was sweet – to the amazement of the attendees!

A Sweet Lemon Slice!

More Thoughts on Saturday

Coach Mac Petty H'82

The Official Stuff.  February 19, 2011.  Wabash vs. Oberlin.  Tipoff at 1:00 PM.  Senior Day.

The seniors were all introduced.  A fine group of young men.  They would start.  It would be Wabash by 12, 16 – 4, when some came out of the game.  They all played hard…good, solid basketball.

But it wasn’t about the game.  You see, they have “Unfinished Business”.  This was just another step towards a lot more basketball.

But it was about a legend.

Gloria Petty

The Student Body sang songs about Coach Petty.  They chanted “G-l-o-r-i-a”.  The standard “Give me a W” by Bob Rogers became “Give me a M…an A…a C…” at the end of the game.

Yes we played basketball and yes we beat an up and coming Oberlin team.  But the day belonged to Mac and Gloria Petty and their family.  Their extended family.  Read the entire Wabash Community.

Mac spoke for a little over 5 minutes.  But he said it all.  Not a dry eye in the house.  But be careful, we don’t want that “Mac Petty Floor” to be wet!

Almost 1,000 Games Running Through His Mind

Coach Mac Petty H'82

Took this just a few minutes before the final regular season game.  I have to think there’s 960 collegiate games of basketball running through the Coach’s mind.  And Gloria.  And their children.  And their grandkids.  And dozens of Wabash players Mac made into better men.

Despite the full house at Chadwick, Mac’s in his own space.  That’s great space.

As Good As The Black Eyed Peas

The Sphinx Club Rhynes

So, at most DIII basketball games you get popcorn and watered down soft drinks for halftime.

At Wabash, it’s world-class entertainment brought to you at no cost by our own Sphinx Club pledges.

They shook what they could,  danced what they could, and jiggled the rest.  The choreographer might not have seen the complete rendition…but, hey, who cares?

And, if you look closely, even the Witt fans enjoyed the show.

For a few more photos, click here.

Wabash's First Lady of Basketball – Gloria Petty

Gloria Petty

If my math is right, Mac Petty has been a head coach for 959 games of college basketball.

959 games.

For probably 950 plus, Gloria Petty has been right there – cheering on Mac’s teams.

It’s tough to be the coach – getting the team prepared and making in-game adjustments is about all you can do.  After that, it’s up to the team to win…or not.

I think it’s even tougher to be in Gloria’s shoes.  You can’t control what happens on the court no matter how much you’d like.

But Gloria Petty has a great impact on everything revolving around the game.  You see, Gloria is the model fan.  She cheers for her team – not against any other – and she excites the people around her as well.  She’s positive in every respect.

In another sense, while Mac is coaching the team, Gloria is mentoring the crowd.

Mac’s 42 size sneakers will be tough to fill – so will Gloria’s seat.

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