Marcus Spillson ’03 follows family tradition with eatery

Marcus Spillson ’03, has opened 07 Pub, 3516 Broadway in Ft. Wayne, IN, making him the fourth generation of Spillsons in the industry. It’s a neighborhood bar, Marcus says, but not just a neighborhood bar – his neighborhood.  That’s what the 07 stands for. It’s the Zip code for this southern part of town, from Calhoun Street to Winchester Road, from Creighton Avenue to Lower Huntington Road.  “I wouldn’t have done this anywhere in the world but this neighborhood. Specifically, this neighborhood,” he says. “I wouldn’t have the passion about it. I wouldn’t have cared, really. This is definitely a passion project for me, and because it’s here, it’s easy. This is literally where I was born and raised. It’s where I live now. Here we are.”  Click here for the full story.

Mike Braun ’76 launching bid for U.S. Senate


Mike Braun ’76 will officially announce next week his plan to run for U.S. Senate next year. The Indiana state representative from Jasper confirmed his plan Tuesday night.  “I’m doing it mostly because the issues that impact businesses and people in general are at the federal level,” the Republican said this morning, “issues like health care, the tax code, jobs and the economy.”  Click here for more of the story.