Scott Himsel '85 – Another Hat for a Man with Many

That’s Scott Himsel ’85 – partner with Baker and Daniels, Wabash professor, class agent, alumni board member, Moot Court volunteer, pre-law advisor, and now academic advisor – talking with first year student Aaron Hirsch ’12. Aaron hails from Indianapolis. As you can tell Scott does a great job of putting the student at ease and getting them started in the right direction.

Another faculty member mentioned to me that Scott has had an impact on our student, a lot of or students, far beyond his classroom. What better compliment can you give a lawyer, professor, class agent, board member and all around great guy? Scott Himsel – Some Little Giant.

Former AD Wins Award

Vernon Mummert, who served Wabash College as Athletic Director for 10 years from 1998 to 2008, was honored this past June by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA). Vern was selected as one of the Astroturf Athletic Directors of the Year – one of only four honorees from all of Division III.

Congratulations, Vernon!

For the full story, click here.

And So, The Saga Continues

Stopped by the bench this morning on my way to work. I promised an update after yesterday’s discussion at the bench.

Seems the Sigma Chis checked the unofficial rule book for bench painting and came up with their own, acceptable paint job. These two young men were not from the Sigma Chi house – they are Lambda Chi pledges…something tells me they will be back tonight.

These guys reported they have 22 pledges in the Lambda Chi house – a good-sized class. A smart group as well – note the use of the laptop in the near-dark…no doubt prepping for today’s start of classes.

And So It Begins…Again

Aug 27, 2008. Last night, the Phi Psis painted the bench. Looks like they did a good job – but more on that in just a minute. This morning, there were three Sigma Chi pledges “keeping watch” over the bench. Seems they anticipate taking their turn at bench painting later today.

These guys did believe that the Phi Psis committed a violation of the Gentleman’s Rule as it relates to bench painting. They claim no Greek letters can be used by pledges. I offered that it might have been actives and thus permissible. They are still pondering that.

I was a little surprised that the Phi Psis took the time to give the toe nails the once over. I’ll be the one pondering that…

We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

Good to have the guys back on campus.

Amy and Clay '79 Robbins – Wabash Parents times 3!!!

Freshman Saturday – 2008. A set of proud parents, for sure…and that’s an understatement. Pictured are: Luke ’11, Peter ’12, Amy, Clay ’79, and Campbell ’09. Peter starts this fall and Campbell finishes this coming spring.

Can’t even begin to think of the words to describe how Amy and Clay must feel…

Photo by Mike Warren ’93

Now, This Is Ultra Cool!

Now, this is cool! Go to the Wabash Football web page- (

Look on the lower right hand part of the page for this information. Click on one of the links. One of two things will happen:

1. If you don’t have iTunes, you’ve be taken to a page to download it. After that, go back to the page and follow #2.

2. You’ll end up in iTunes U where you can watch and listen to some great Wabash football moments. In iTunes U, you’ll be able to view and download free Wabash football memories (last year against Witt, the “Hail Mary”) and some cool Wabash football history footage.

Go ahead…but don’t stop there. “subscribe” so that you can be alerted when new stuff is posted.†

Thanks to our Sports Information Superstar Brent Harris for the info.

BTW:This might be a good time to consider a move in computers to something better.

Forbes Magazine – One More Time

By now, everyone has seen the coverage of the recent Forbes Magazine piece ranking Wabash as the #12 college in the nation. We’re all proud of that – but really, there isn’t any time for beating on our chests and yelling how good we are. The guys are on their way back, there’s classes to teach, fraternities to rush, and football to play.

But, someone sent me a link†to an article that I enjoyed reading and I thought you might as well. That’s all I’ll say…click here.

Ryan Leagre '08 – Teaching For America

August 18, 2008 – Another hot, muggy, August day…and Ryan Leagre’s first day teaching for American at Longwood Academy in Chicago.

Ryan emailed me earlier in the month and asked for some Wabash bulletin board stuff. I was in the Windy City for the Chicago golf outing and made a quick trip by the school. Didn’t get a chance to see Ryan and thank him in person – things were a little crazy…like they are on any first day.

Ryan Leagre ’08 – living the Wabash mission!

Indiana's Best – Chris Braun '81

Chris Braun, Wabash Class of 1981, a senior partner at Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP, has been selected by the American College of Environmental Lawyers (“ACOEL”) as the leading environmental lawyer in the State of Indiana. Membership to the ACOEL, a professional association of private sector lawyers who practice environmental law, is limited to one environmental attorney per State and is by invitation only.

Braun has developed an extensive environmental and complex commercial litigation practice at the Indianapolis-based law firm. For the past several years Braun has been recognized in “Best Lawyers in America” and “Indiana’s Super Lawyers” and is also recognized in the National Registry of “Who’s Who” for his work in environmental law.

Congrats Chris!

(Information and photo from press release)