Monon Bell Chapel Talk on You Tube

You’re probably tired of me riding the Monon Bell wave…sorry!  But after watching so many Sports Center shows where players (college student-athletes) struggle to put complete sentences together, it’s refreshing and a moment of extreme pride when I watch our guys.

So, get a cup of coffee, close the office or study door, and sit back and relax as you listen to these five senior captains and their coach at Chapel last week.  Here’s the link.

Now, when you’re done watching it, take a brief moment this week and next to give Thanks for your Wabash education and for theirs. These guys are excellent football players but even better men and future world changers.  You can invest in your college for the generations to come.  I did through the Challenge of Excellence and you can as well.  Click here for details.

Help keep Wabash strong.