The Play That Wasn't in the Playbook

It was fourth down and Wabash was on its own 18 yard line.  All we needed was a few feet for a first down.  All DePauw needed was a stop to have the ball deep in Wabash territory.  Wabash called for a quarterback sneak…a play that wasn’t in the play book.  Why?  Because Matt Hudson told his coach he would make the first down.

Matt Hudson on the quarterback sneak

That’s what makes the Bell game so special.  The unknown is always a distinct possibility.  Like a tipper Hail Mary pass play.  Like a 47 year field goal from a kicker that hadn’t kicked one before.  That’s why they play the game.

This Saturday – Be Here!

The Monon Bell

When you step back and take a look, it’s a bell from a train.  A bell that used to warn folks that the train was coming.  And if you stop there, you’ve missed everything.

I heard the Monon Bell ringing yesterday on campus.  They’ve carefully removed it from its resting spot on campus.  We’ll hear it ring from now on…

It’s a sound that never grows tedious…never gets old…and always sounds crisp and clear. And the Bell game is always a game to be a part of, not simply to “watch”.

See you Saturday!

Film Study for D-backs

Noon time film study for the Wabash football defensive backs.  I am not quite sure if player size matters in the selection of film viewing rooms, but the d-backs got the hallway.

Coaches Steve Rogers (seated middle) and Mike Warren ’93 (standing on right) were there prepping the guys for the battle with conference rival Wittenberg.

Rod Kenley '72 Named President of Aethlon

Rod Kenley ’72 was recently named President of Aethlon Medical in San Diego, California.  Aethlon is a pioneer in developing therapeutic filtration devices to address infectious disease and cancer.  Kenley recently joined the Aethlon Board of Directors and he will retain that seat as well as serving as the president.

Rod, a biology and Chemistry major at Wabash,  has spent 33 years in the healthcare industry, holds over 30 patents, and is a frequent presenter at major conferences.

When Wabash President Thad Seymour told the Class of 1972 to go out and change the world, Rod heard him loud and clear.  Congrats Rod.

The NBA – A Wabash Tradition

Mike Heinold for the block

The NBA – Noontime Basketball Association – is a Wabash Tradition.  I think Professor Tobey Herzog, a Wabash legacy in his own right, is the “Commish”.  It’s fun for all.  Today, there were faculty members, staff members, a coach, and a couple of guys I did not recognize.

The basketball court is a great equalizer.  Check your ego and status at the door – what matters here is hustle, aggressiveness, and effort.  Sound familiar?

Going for the block is Mike Heinold, Senior Systems Administrator in Wabash’s IT Department.  Mike barely missed, but he did cause the shot to be off mark.

Senior Bench

Senior Bench - November 2, 2010

So, I had the camera and had just departed Hollett Stadium on my way over to Center Hall.  Following that, I couldn’t resist a peek at the Senior Bench.  New scheme? Colors? Messages?

This is what I found.  Very nice paint job but not a single letter of text…not one.

OK, sports fans…in true liberal arts fashion, what is the bench “saying”?

Extra Stadium Seats Can Mean Only One Thing

Monon Bell Game - Setting the Stage

Stopped by the Allen Center today to review the layout for our Hall of Fame plaques.  Happened to glance outside and noticed the extra stands for the Monon Bell game were going up.  That means the Monon Bell game is just around the corner.

I don’t recall how far back those stands have been in the past but they sure seemed close to the end zone.  We’ll have to see on game day how much space there actually is in there.

Speaking of game day, now’s the time to make sure you have tickets to the Bell game. They’re going out the Bookstore door at a pretty good clip – don’t be caught without one.

Just a reminder – the tickets are for one side of the field so don’t buy DePauw tickets unless you want to sit on thier side.  Also, please note there are no “pass-outs” to the parking lot.  Once you are in the stadium and leave, you can’t return without another ticket.

Frank Kolisek '82 – Man of the Year

Frank Kolisek '82

Dr. Frank Kolisek has been named the Indiana Arthritis Foundation Man of the Year.   Frank received the award at a ceremony on October 29, 2010 in Indianapolis.

Frank’s a well respected orthpedic surgeon in Central Indiana with several specialities.

For a recap on Frank’s achievements and the award, click here.

Congrats Frank!

We're Not In Mud Hollow Anymore

Baseball Stadium Construction

The baseball stadium is showing signs of what it will look like when complete.  This shot is from deep center field and shows the stands behind home plate and the dugouts on either side.

Will this ball field take the place of Mud Hollow memories for many of the Wabash community?  No, there’s no way and frankly, we wouldn’t want that to happen.  But this stadium will be the place for an entirely new set of games and memories.  And it should provide the evidence that Wabash is committed to supporting the education and experiences which happen at the “old ball park”.