Monon Bell Game - Setting the Stage

Stopped by the Allen Center today to review the layout for our Hall of Fame plaques.  Happened to glance outside and noticed the extra stands for the Monon Bell game were going up.  That means the Monon Bell game is just around the corner.

I don’t recall how far back those stands have been in the past but they sure seemed close to the end zone.  We’ll have to see on game day how much space there actually is in there.

Speaking of game day, now’s the time to make sure you have tickets to the Bell game. They’re going out the Bookstore door at a pretty good clip – don’t be caught without one.

Just a reminder – the tickets are for one side of the field so don’t buy DePauw tickets unless you want to sit on thier side.  Also, please note there are no “pass-outs” to the parking lot.  Once you are in the stadium and leave, you can’t return without another ticket.