Coach Steve House Honored at Halftime of the 2010 Monon Bell Game

Coach Steve House was honored at halftime of the Monon Bell game for his 25 years of coaching at Wabash.  That’s probably enough for all in the Wabash community to tip their hats to Steve and his wife Judy.

But it doesn’t end there…not even close.  There’s a bunch of years serving the student body as the Student Activities director.  Don’t forget the countless athletes stopping by their home.  Then there are the thousands of home-cooked meals from Judy for football players…and their friends.  And how many man to man talks and how many motherly sessions?  There’s a piece of the House family buried deep in the hearts of countless Wabash students and alumni.

So, after this football game, Steve retires.  They won’t leave Wabash – they’ll simply transition to a different relationship with the College and the young men who call this place their home.

Steve and Judy House - Some Little Giants

Thanks Steve.  Thanks Judy.  You are Some Little Giants.