I'm embarrassed – and I'm not talking football game

Let me start by saying I know I’m an old guy and my jaw is still clinched from the game’s outcome…so bear with me…

Yesterday, BEFORE the kickoff, two recent graduates (Class of 2008), one from a fraternity and one an independent, demonstrated ungentlemanly and irresponsible behavior. One was taken to the hospital. Neither one saw a second of football. I probably don’t need to tell you any more…you have the picture.

I am all for having a good time, but the Bell game is about getting in the stadium and cheering your heart out for the Little Giants…

On another level it’s sad – I guess they missed the part about “Think critically” and “Act responsibly”.

Chris Braun '81 – Some Little Giant

One of the rewards of working in alumni relations is the somewhat constant reminder that a great number of our graduates are world class guys. Thursday night at the Monon Bell Stag was a perfect reminder of what a true gentlemen and responsible citizen is – Chris Braun ’81.

Chris was awarded the Spirit of the Monon Bell award by the men of DePauw. Chris, # 6 of 12 children, has had a phenomenal personal and professional life. Law firm partner, dedicated volunteer, active leader in every sense of the word in his Church, and super husband and Dad (four daughters).

Chris brought emotion out of all of us as he talked about the transition from a family of 12 kids (all of them went to college even though his parents never did) through Wabash and law school to where he is today. I know his parents are beaming today…and they have every right.

I have to tell you, Chris Braun might just be a saint… but he is definitely Some Little Giant!

Lest We Forget

The Little Giants don’t need any reminders about last year’s game…trust me. Coach Raeburn has the guys focused and ready to go. As fans, we need to give it the full 60 minutes of football as well.

Wabash Always Fights! Let’s cheer the Little Giants on to a victory…big victory…no last minute Monon miracle at our house.

Buffalo Wild Wings – It's The Place To Be!

So…the conversation goes something like this…

Alumnus: Grunge, have you seen the weather forecast for this Saturday.

Grunge: Yep.

Alumnus: Cold, windy, chance of rain and or snow.

Grunge: Yep.

Alumnus: Are you televising the game on campus because of the weather?

Grunge: Man, this is Wabash – DePauw football…!!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!

Alumnus: Well, a good alumni relations guy would have had a plan for bad weather.

Grunge: I do…warm clothes and bring a poncho.

Alumnus: I’ll be there but my girlfriend/wife/significant other doesn’t want to sit out in the …

Grunge: I hear you…give her $50 or so and send her to Buffalo Wild Wings on 231 South in Crawfordsville. They’ll have the game on the TV.

Thanks Sammie – and to many more

That’s Sammie Amidon, daughter of Jim ’87 and a good friend of the Grunge. Sammie invited me to Veterans Day at her school and, as you can imagine, the chance to forego a morning of a shirt and tie, wear my favorite “business suit”, and spend some time with Sammie’s class was a boatload of fun. (See Jim’s blog here.)

I have to tell you I really was humbled. The group of almost 40 Veteran’s at the school, whose service stretched over several decades, made me realize how much we owe all of these “Joes and Janes”…soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen.

Last night, at a Wabash event in Evansville, I also chatted with Veterans John H. Schroeder ’41, Dr. Dave Carlson ’69, and Wayne Turpin, father of Mark ’09. They have also served our country and their communities – in the military service and in their chosen professions. †

Thanks to every single one of them.

Veterans Day – 2008

Veterans Day Morning – 2008.

If it’s like past Veteran’s Days here, not a word will be spoken. That’s OK…it is what it is.

For those of you out there (we’re up to 9 loyal readers!), take a moment, just a moment, to “think a thank” for the families of our Veterans. I can tell you first hand that they are the ones who sacrifice a great deal. They are the ones who share a loved one with you. They are the ones who say “OK” when their Veteran is called away…for a little while…for a couple of months…for a year…or forever.

Please keep them in your prayers.

It's Monon Bell Week!

It’s Monon Bell Week. Here’s what that means to me…

1. Take the DePauw and Wabash football team records this season and…throw them away. †They don’t mean anything.

2. Take the rankings, ratings, NCAA brackets and…do the same as #1.

3. Take the all-time statistics and…you guessed it…do another step 1. While you’re at it, take the projections with you.

This is the football game to be at this weekend..Crawfordsville, Indiana…Wabash vs. DePauw…it just doesn’t get any better.

Support Soccer at the Bell Game

Our soccer guys will be running a 50/50 raffle at the Bell game. They’ll be around drumming up support from the tailgate hours through half-time. They plan to use the money they raise to support a soccer trip to Argentina in August of 2009.

Like the college’s immersion and football trips, this trip is designed as a learning opportunity. †The guys will get a chance to practice together and play down there, for sure. But they’ll also get the same lifelong experiences all of our young men receive on these trips.

Please, when you’re here on campus, support their 50/50 raffle. I plan to and I’ll go you one better. If I win, the entire proceeds will go to the trip. Can we count on you as well? I hope so.

Meet Gary James '10

That’s Gary James, Wabash Class of 2010. Gary is as bright and talented as they come.

Gary poured everything into the local Crawfordsville effort to elect President-elect Obama.  He worked in the campaign office, worked the streets scouring for votes, and encouraged his fellow students to vote. (I lightheartedly reminded his to go to class!)

Gary spent last summer in college Advancement as an intern and his vision, work ethic, and skills are all first rate.

As I often say: “I’ll be working for him some day.”

Gary James is a real difference maker – a true Wabash man!

Where is that thing?

A couple of readers have asked where that new stone (mentioned in the blog on Oct 22) is located on campus. I took an early morning walk last Saturday and here it is, right between Hovey Cottage and Forest Hall as you walk north.