So…the conversation goes something like this…

Alumnus: Grunge, have you seen the weather forecast for this Saturday.

Grunge: Yep.

Alumnus: Cold, windy, chance of rain and or snow.

Grunge: Yep.

Alumnus: Are you televising the game on campus because of the weather?

Grunge: Man, this is Wabash – DePauw football…!!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!

Alumnus: Well, a good alumni relations guy would have had a plan for bad weather.

Grunge: I do…warm clothes and bring a poncho.

Alumnus: I’ll be there but my girlfriend/wife/significant other doesn’t want to sit out in the …

Grunge: I hear you…give her $50 or so and send her to Buffalo Wild Wings on 231 South in Crawfordsville. They’ll have the game on the TV.