One of the rewards of working in alumni relations is the somewhat constant reminder that a great number of our graduates are world class guys. Thursday night at the Monon Bell Stag was a perfect reminder of what a true gentlemen and responsible citizen is – Chris Braun ’81.

Chris was awarded the Spirit of the Monon Bell award by the men of DePauw. Chris, # 6 of 12 children, has had a phenomenal personal and professional life. Law firm partner, dedicated volunteer, active leader in every sense of the word in his Church, and super husband and Dad (four daughters).

Chris brought emotion out of all of us as he talked about the transition from a family of 12 kids (all of them went to college even though his parents never did) through Wabash and law school to where he is today. I know his parents are beaming today…and they have every right.

I have to tell you, Chris Braun might just be a saint… but he is definitely Some Little Giant!