That’s Sammie Amidon, daughter of Jim ’87 and a good friend of the Grunge. Sammie invited me to Veterans Day at her school and, as you can imagine, the chance to forego a morning of a shirt and tie, wear my favorite “business suit”, and spend some time with Sammie’s class was a boatload of fun. (See Jim’s blog here.)

I have to tell you I really was humbled. The group of almost 40 Veteran’s at the school, whose service stretched over several decades, made me realize how much we owe all of these “Joes and Janes”…soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen.

Last night, at a Wabash event in Evansville, I also chatted with Veterans John H. Schroeder ’41, Dr. Dave Carlson ’69, and Wayne Turpin, father of Mark ’09. They have also served our country and their communities – in the military service and in their chosen professions. †

Thanks to every single one of them.